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Best Airsoft Pistol Reviews 2017 The Ultimate Guide

The people who want to taste the experience of real gun, the best airsoft pistol should be a unique choice for them. Actually, an air soft pistol is a game unit for the people who want to pass their leisure time at home. Otherwise, it has variety types of use for training purposes. Because it looks like the original pistol. It keeps the restriction to use.

So, not every people have the right to use it. Only the people who are eighteen plus are recommended to use the airsoft pistol. The toy guns are not harmful. It can fire the small BBs that are made of plastic or sometimes metal. Generally the plastic BBs size range from 25m to 45m. The speed of the air soft pistol is around 70-120 meters per second.

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Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

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Umarex 2276008 Combat Zone Enforcer

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Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol

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Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit

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Beeman P1 Air Pistol

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Webley Tempest Air Pistol Air Pistol

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Black Ops 1911 Full Metal Co2 Blowback Air Pistol

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Colt 100Th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol

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BBTac Airsoft Pistol BT-M22

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The Types Of Best Air Soft Pistol

However, according to the size and functionality, there are three basic types of air soft pistol available in the marketplaces.

1. Spring Type Air Soft Pistol: This type of guns has the spring to through the BBs. Therefore, the spring is cocked manually before a shot. It has good speed due to have the spring of stainless steel. This types of air soft guns are for the primary level users. So, they are very affordable and available in the online marketplaces.

2. Gas Type Air Soft Pistol: To get the BBs out at a certain speed, the compressed carbon dioxide gas is used to provide force behind the plastic BBs. This type of air soft guns is mainly an older version of air rifles. You can operate it automatically or semi-automatically.

3. Electric Air Soft Pistol: The electronic type the best airsoft pistol is most popular to people who are very much interested in games with it. The automatic machine is designed with a motor that pushes back the spring and releases it at speed of 1000 rounds per second. This is the beginner’ choice. However, expert users are not out of the list of using the electric air soft pistol.

When An Airsoft Gun Is A Gaming Pistol

Airsoft gun is popular for games. The names, rules and method of the games are detailed below-

  • Team Death Match (TDM): This is very popular game for the airsoft gamers. There are two teams for game to play. In the game, there is a Respawn point. So, if get hit by the opponent in the airsoft game, you have to go back to the Respawn point. However, every player try to kill each other. And after finishing the game, it is counted the prey or the figures of the victim. So, if you get more kills than your opponent, then you would be declared win of the match. This is Team Death Match.
  • King Of The Hill: In the game one team perform as security and the other team as attacker. However, a flag is put on the top of the Hill. So, to win the game, flag is a must. Therefore, by using airsoft pistol, there is a little battle centering the flag between the teams.
  • Manhunt Game: The game includes a volunteer player as play and the other players as hunter. In a time frame, if the prey can reach a certain place then he is declared as winner. In this game, the hunter players protect the prey by shooting airsoft pistol. But the hunter never use pistol to shoot themselves.
  • Traitor In Game: This is a game of capturing the flag variation. There is a judge in the game. The judge chooses a player from each team to make ‘team marker’. So, the judge warns each team about a traitor is in each team. Actually, this is flag capturing game.
  • Rescuing A Prisoner: The game refers to two teams. One is ‘hostage’ and the other is ‘rescuer’. This game is like our daily life. The prisoner is locked is a certain hidden place and the rescuers try to save him by shooting the airsoft guns.
  • Surprise Attack: The other name of the game is ‘return fire’. There are two teams also. In the game, some players are kept hidden and some are rescuers. A small group of fighters rescues as many troops as they can. It is also like a battle game. The fight occurs between two teams to rescue the others. So, the win of the game depends upon the fighting power of the teams. They use airsoft pistol as weapons.
  • Police Shootout: Players just utilize guns with a specific goal to reenact the weapon battles by law enforcement in the city. These are snappy matches and might be set up in a situation like utilizing a vehicle that has been pulled over or a burglary.
  • Escort Game: In this game, there are two groups. One group needs to escort an unarmed people to a specific area or target indicates to win in the game. There is another group who are generally attackers try to vanish the escort or the entire group in a fight. In general, the attacker group keep themselves hidden while the escort group goes along with an ordinary way. When the escort group meets the attackers’ possession, then they become victim of a massacre.

There are more games like the games I detailed above played by using the airsoft pistol. So, the airsoft pistol is not only for training purpose, but also for entertainment who do not have ways to pass the time as well.

The Usage Of Best Airsoft Pistol As Training Purposes

The airsoft pistol is a kind of simulation and non-lethal product. So, the law enforcement personnel and military unit of any national are turning to use the airsoft pistol for training purposes. Because it is cheaper than that of original guns.

Otherwise, it has no any risk when it is used like an original pistol. For the tactical training, the airsoft guns have reduced the cost of these sectors on training purposes.

Film Industries Use Airsoft Guns

Actually, every film tells us about the story of our real life. So, to imitate the real scenario taken from the real situation, the film artists have to take airsoft guns to give pose instead.

As a result, they get rid of the dangerous action of real arms. Though we can watch the film as real ones from outside of studio.

Airsoft Gun For Hunters

The hobbyist hunters use the airsoft guns for hunting. Actually, they use it in the wood. They target and shoot at the birds or aniamal from a hidden place in the wood.

Generally they use it from a short range of target. So, they enjoy the airsoft guns very much.

The Different Parts Of An Airsoft Pistol

Suppose you are new about an airsoft gun. So, you definitely do not know how to adjust to what. Otherwise, you are not well recognized with all of the parts of an airsoft gun.

However, do not worry. And you will be able to play with your airsoft gun anway. I will help you giving all the details below.

  • Front sight: A gun must have a front sight. Because it is an important part of an airsoft gun. The front sight helps to target the object you shoot. Actually, it is a target locator in which you can pinpoint your exact point to shoot it. So, the front sight keeps you fixed to hold the gun and shoot.
  • Detachable carry handle of airsoft gun: Most of airsoft guns have the removable carry handle. Because some people do not like the handle to carry always. When you are going to play game or carrying your gun with more things, then you need to have handle with your gun, unless not needed at all.
  • Trigger: This is an important part of an airsoft gun. For a shoot-out, the trigger spring out the BBs. When your target is finally complete, then the pulling the trigger is the final step for a shooting.
  • Grip of pistol: Pistol grip helps to balance and position the gun before shooting. It is generally a handle of rough surfaced. It has no any slippage during targeting the object.
  • Trigger guard: This is most significant technical part of an airsoft gun. It saves trigger to push back. As a result, there is no fear of firing by unintentional press on trigger.
  • Magazine: Magazine is a kind of metal thing that holds the BBs. It has a different size to hold the different count of BBs cartridge. The BBs are aligned into the magazine. So, the magazine is placed into the magazine well set on handle of airsoft gun.
  • Flash hider: Flash hider of a gun is a kind of ID card. For the airsoft gun there is an orange tip. And the orange tip introduces the gun is airsoft not a lethal firearm. So, the flash hider is an identity of a gun whether it is firearm or not.

Top 9 Airsoft Pistol Reviews:

 #1. Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol

One of the wonderful features of the Stinger P311 is the tack hammer. Actually there are the most airsoft guns don't have this type of hammers attached.

However, the Crosman, the manufacturer of the airsoft pistols, has start attaching the features to give it a realistic experience. So, in pulling back the slide, the hammer gets cocked like a real gun.

Otherwise, you can manually pull back the hammer of the airsoft. So, when you pull the trigger of the gun, it will snap back instantly in the right place. But it will never fire without pulling the slide back to get it loaded.

So, the hammer is only for a design piece. Though it is an airsoft pistol, after that it can set a punch to shoot. This is the main reason to be popular to its users worldwide.

The shooting range is also very good. Its shooting range is 325 feet per second ( FPS). This is pretty good for the spring-run airsoft pistol. And the accuracy range is from 10 feet to more than 30 feet.

The slide pulls back rapidly and orderly which takes about a very shorter time between shots. Otherwise t,he magazine is also fast and ejects quickly to be loaded with the BBs. The othet part of the airsot pistol is ‘Safety’.

It is positioned on the left side, simply over the grip of the pistol. It looks like a triangle. You flip it here and there to turn On/Off of the safety. Due to its odd design, generally some people do not like it.

The Stinger P311 is an extraordinary sidearm for both sport shooting and airsoft competitions.

So, you can consider to buy a holster and some ammos with gun for fun. In one word. It is a nice airsoft pistol to use. The normal speed of the pistol is 325 fps while the accuracy is 10-30 feet. Caliber is 6mm and the BBs weight is 0.20g. The Crosman’s pistol is with a magazine capacity of 12 rounds ( BBs type).

Highlighted Features
  • 12-shot and easy to load magazine
  • It is easy to cock before firing.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Spring powered
  • Shoots up to 325fps
  • The accuracy of the gun is wonderful when to shoot.

 #2. Umarex 2276008 Combat Zone Enforcer

The Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer C02 non-blowback is the most popular and modern looking airsoft gun. The design of the gun is really looking like tactical handguns. It is sleek and comfortable in using.

The outlook of the comfort Zone resembles the XD and p99 pistol. It has a serrated slide and a large trigger guard. The grip is designed with the rough surface. It helps you to hold the pistol easy. The velocity of the pistol is 400 fps and the caliber size is 6mm. The CO2 powered pistol’s magazine holds 15rounds BBs. The Barrel length is 4.25. The other facility is that, it has a 20mm accessory rail that will help you to attach an airsoft flashlight with it.

The Combat Zone Enforcer Co2 pistol is capable of firing 250 rounds from a very single cartridge. The drop-free magazine is fast. It can reload easily. The semi-automatic airsoft pistol can take down the target very quickly and accurately. The Combat Zone has no any hip-hop chamber. After that it can accurately target things up to 75 feet. The CO2 cartridge weight is 12g.

The cartridge is set up by flipping open the pistol grip. So, this model is very popular for the airsoft players. Because the lower price and beautiful performance make it great as well. Otherwise the unbeatable design is also a reason to be popular in the online marketplaces.

Highlighted Features
  • Velocity is 400fps
  • The price is more affordable.
  • The magazine is easily loadable.
  • Standard barrel length 4.25
  • Light weight and comfortable

 #3. Firepower .45 Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol, 6mm

This Firpower 0.45 metal slid is an excellent pistol to the airsoft fans. It is a part of the series of Firpower metal slide. This is very light-weighted. It has a realistic look and comfortable in use. Otherwise, it is very safety to use by anybody.

Because the design of the gun includes a functional safety feature. The magazine of the gun is very quick to reload the ammos. For a long distance accuracy, it has a BAX hop-up system that helps to pinpoint the target easily. The cock system of the gun is manual. The handle grip of the gun is quite nice. Because it does not slip the fingers even after being sweating. The maximum velocity of the pistol is 330fps. The spring powered airsoft pistol’s magazine capacity is 12 rounds. Otherwise, the BBs weight is 0.12g - 0.20g. Shipping weight is 2 pounds while the caliber size is 6mm.

For a very few breakable components, it is very famous for its extended airsoft skirmish play. Otherwise, the spring powered pistol is reliable for its accurate performance at the targets. The slide is very easy. The pull back system works very quickly. It takes a very little time between the shots. The safety key is also functional. It does not allow trigger to shoot out. So, it’s very safety to use.

Highlighted Features
  • The metal slide is very easy and comfortable to pull back.
  • Accuracy is very good.
  • The velocity is 328 fps.
  • It’s light weighted and long lasting.
  • Spring powered
  • It is heavy and realistic.

 #4. Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit

The string P9T airsoft is an updated product of Crossman. The mentionable update is for the gun is its magazine. It has been updated from 12 rounds to 15 rounds. The velocity is a main factor for an airsoft pistol. This model’s velocity is 275fps and the weight is 0.84 pounds. The spring powered airsoft pistol is designed with a caliber of 6mm and the BBs type is plastic. The standard BBs weight is 0.25g. The overall length of the pistol is 8-inch.

The safety of the gun has gone to the back of the gun. As a result, it has become hard to reach easily. When you want to shoot, then you have to flip the safety forwards forcibly. So, this will be very tough for the weak people. Though it will give you more safety measure than before.

The smooth slide and easy trigger pull has made the String P9T great to the airsoft fans around the world. You can easily trigger the airsoftpistol. So, for a quick shot, you no need to press much for triggering. However, everybody feel it comfortable to use it.

The P9T has a stunning accuracy. Because from the distance of 40 feet and with .25 plastic BBs, you can hit a 12-inch solid object so accurately. It will not curve your velocity of the airsoft gun you use.

The update version of the P9T is designed with more metal. The trigger is also metal. But its previous version was of plastic.

However, you are getting a holster with the P9T version of the airsoft gun. So, you can easily place your gun safely in it.

Highlighted Features
  • Spring powered 15-shot clip.
  • Velocity is up to 275 fps.
  • Accurate frequency.
  • Accessory rail beneath barrel.

 #5. Beeman P1 Air Pistol

The Beeman airpistol is a unique invention of the manufacturer. It is easy to cock by turning the single stroke for the spring piston gun Beeman P1 airsoft pistol. The hammer of the pistol sits on the back is very suitable for the cocking lever.

So, till the locks into the place, it releases the hammer and top cocks over the gun. The barrel of the pistol keeps loaded pellet directly and snaps it down instantly to have shooting the fire. The accuracy of the airsoft pistol is awesome. It never changes it position it targeted once.

The small size of pistol has a stunning velocity to penetrate the target. The adjustable rear sight of fiber optics front and rear. The spring piston type airsoft gun’s overall weight is 2.5 lbs and the velocity is 600fps. The caliber of pistol is 0.177mm with a manual safety switch on it. It is also run on single fire mode system.

Otherwise, the two-stage trigger is keeping the serrated surface for accuracy. The P1 has two power levels. However, the low power is approx 380 fps and the high power is 600fps. For the different power levels, it is created by cocking the gun before shooting.

So, the shooting distance, weight of the pallet and the type of target will consider which power level is the best for the setting. So, the P1 is one of the best training unit for the good indoor trainers.

Highlighted Features
  • The accuracy is good.
  • It is light weighted and durable.
  • It is easy to adjust the trigger pull.
  • The velocity is between 380-600fps.
  • It has two power levels.
  • The target sights aim good.

#6. Webley Tempest Air Pistol Air Pistol

The Webly Tempest Air Pistol is actually small in size, but has a surprising power to shoot out. This is different from the some other spring piston airsoft pistol. The cocking is a bit difficult for some people. The plastic grip is very comfortable to hold it. It is really a great one.

If you want to get the rear sight on target, you may take a time of back and forth adjustment. Because it has no any alternative adjustment such as micrometer adjustment.

The webley Tempest Air is a spring piston air pistol. Webly has used mostly metal and a minimal plastic to make it. The hand grips and the nose cap of the Tempest is metal. Its weight is 2.1 pounds and the barrel size is 6.9 inch. The ammunition capacity is 1 pellet and the ammunition type is 0.177 and 0.22 caliber pellets. The frequency of the pistol is 400-500fps.

The single action Webly Tempest’s trigger pull is very nice. When you target an object to shoot, then the trigger works well without hampering the target.

The spring piston’s accuracy is perfect to penetrate the targeted thing. The spring works well when to slide and reload the magazine.

Highlighted Features
  • Spring-piston over lever
  • The rear sight is fully adjustable
  • It is able to one shot for one crank
  • The trigger pull is adjustable. It can adjust from 3-5 pounds.
  • The magazine of the pistol is easily adjustable.
  • It is light weighted
  • The hand grips is very comfortable

#7. Black Ops 1911 Full Metal Co2 Blowback Air Pistol

The Black Ops 1911’s design is very nice and the high powered pistol in USA. The pistol has come in the markets with the real gas blowback action, adjustable hop up and dual safety features. Moreover, the gunmetal finished pistol has a chrome barrel. The slide is also metal. Every piece of metal magazine can hold about 18 rounds and a 12g CO2 cartridge.

The semi-automatic pistol is very popular for its highest performance for firearms and training purposes in the field level. It is very enjoyable when you shoot from a distance of 325fps with 4.5mm or .0177 calsteel BBs. Otherwise the price of the pistol is affordable.

The fixed front and rear sight help to target the object accurately. As a result, it has hardly a miss-target. The accuracy of the pistol is always perfect. I does not give any shakes during shooting an object.

The caliber of the 1911 pistol is 0.177 while the velocity is 320 ft/second. The manufacturer of the black Ops Air gun give a one warranty against any defects or any other problem of workmanship. But this warranty does not cover any damages occurred due to modification or abuse or a lacking of proper maintenance. The shipping weight of the material is 2.60-lbs.

Highlighted Features
  • Maximum accuracy
  • The grip of the pistol is comfortable
  • Metal construction
  • Semi-automatic high powered gas blowback
  • The weight of the pistol is very light. So, carrying easy.
  • Dual safety system.
  • 18 round magazine.
  • Velocity is 430 fps.

#8. Colt 100Th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol, 6mm

This is a semi automatic pistol. The CO2 blowback is a realistic airsoft pistol. So, it has come in the market with fully functional slide and full metal body. However, it is very durable. The shot velocity of the pistol is 344fps with 0.20g BBs.

Otherwise, the magazine capacity is 17 rounds. It is also very comfortable for its good grip. The plastic textured handle grip has a maximum control of the gun when to fire. Therefore, for a better accuracy, the adjustable hop-up helps to adjust a long-rage target. For an authentic air-soft pistol, it has a powerful blow-back recoil and nice looks that you need for this type of pistol. It has a removable magazine to make reload an easy.

This pistol is designed with metal barrel. The serrated slide has no any slippage. So, during firing, it does not hamper the shot to the target. The airsoft pistol has an integrated hop-up unit that helps to target for a maximum range. The fixed front and rear sight measure the balance to target accurately. And the realistic kick blowback action of the pistol is really good.

Highlighted Features
  • Fully metal design for longevity.
  • Only for 6mm plastic BBs for use.
  • Hop-up to target for maximum range
  • Colt 1911 Co2 magazine.
  • Good handle grip
  • Can hold 17 rounds BBs.
  • It’s light weight

#9. BBTac Airsoft Pistol BT-M22

The BBTac Aitsoft Pistol is a spring powered airsoft gun. However, to compress air, it is used the elastic potential energy that is stored in a spring to launch the airsoft pallet of the gun. It is very fast and clean.

Otherwise, it is inexpensive and you can maintain it easily. Moreover, it does not require any batteries or gas to operate. But you have to cock the spring gun before every shot. By pulling the back slide, you can compress the spring to your gun ready to fire. The spring piston airsoft gun is durable, Because the gun is made of hardly breakable piece of materials.

Highlighted Features
  • Spring powered
  • ABS plastic construction
  • It is also durable and has a heavy duty
  • The velocity of the pistol is very good.
  • The detachable magazine can hold 15 rounds BBs
  • The accuracy of the pistol is mentionable

Guide To Buy An Air Soft Pistol

 A buyer’s guide is an overall description of the detailed product that helps buyers to decide and buy the product without hesitation. So, I am helping buyers to highlight the main features and functions of the airsoft pistol below. 

Design: The out-looking of a product is always a main demand to the customers. Therefore, before buying an airsoft pistol, everybody should concentrate to the design of a product. So,the list of the above airsoft pistols are looking very nice in design.

Brand & Quality: The brand and the quality of the above airsoft guns are definitely market worth. This is why, the company has reached at the top position of the fame. So, the selected brands, no doubt, standing a number one position with the quality of their products.

Front Sight & Rear Sight: Front sight or rear sight of a airsoft pistol performs a vital role to shoot the pinpoint exactly. So, it helps a gunman to target the object accurately. If the target is wrongly directed, then the pistol will miss-hoot your target. However, the above airsoft pistols are having the “Sights” well.

Durability: The making materials of the airsoft pistols are solid. So, the lasting longevity of the pistols is great. For buy it once, you can play with it for long time from date of buying. The making material, that you can think a performing vital role for lasting long. 

Handle Grip: Actually, handle grip of an airsoft pistol helps to keep the handle fixed during a shoot. Because during a shoot, if the handle of your pistol gets slipped then your target may be interrupted. So, the above airsoft pistols’ handle grip performance is good.

Trigger: The trigger of the airsoft pistols is also nice. They are not so easy or hard. Therefore, the target never misses due to have any trigger related problem. It works well.

Trigger Guard: Trigger guard of an airsoft pistol saves the trigger from an easy-touch-shoot. So, you have no fear of happening thing like shooting by a soft touch of the trigger.

Users’ Experience: Users’ experience and their kind consideration help review this product well. As a result, we have found the details easy to present for you. According to their review and experience, it has found the things usable for everybody with a mental satisfaction. So, turn to buy one not bad. 

Magazine: The magazine capacity or functionality is also important for an airsoft gun. The each and above airsoft gun is having the feature separately. So, the magazine of the each airsoft gun is standard and easily reloadable. It does not take time during hastily reloading the BBs.

Cock: The cocking of the above airsoft pistols is very easy. It has no rough sound during cock the gun.

Magazine Release Button: The magazine release button helps magazine to fasten in magazine well. As a result, the magazine of an airsoft pistol does not fall down by a smooth shaking as well. So, it keeps magazine safe.

Price And Your Budget: If you compare the price and you budget, you can see everything is matching together. You will get them very budget friendly affordable for you. So, for the good quality product, definitely can take step with product you choose.

Concluding Turn: Going and buying is not a matter for the best airsoft pistol when you have bucks available. However, things that matter is to have a good item as to your choice.

So, before going to take a decision to buy an airsoft pistol you should the reviews first. Though you can buy things direct from any e-commerce site. But there is unavailable of full reviews of a product.

So, for the full reviews on a product, you should search online and read the reviews well. Then you will get the full descriptions about a product you want to buy online.

Here, I have given a full description of some fast-running airsoft pistols for you. It will help you decide and choose an airsoft pistol easily.

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