Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

5 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support 2017 Reviews & Guide

Are you busy for the best basketball shoes for ankle support? We know that ankle is a very important part of our body. So, for the basketball, ankles perform an important role for the basketball players. During play a game most of the pressure of the body falls on ankles.

So, the ankle support is very essential to keep a player stable and steady whole the game. And the manufacturers of shoe keep the thing in their mind. Hence, they design different types of shoe for different types of facilities.

Shoe for ankle support is one of them. After sometime, we will go through the best basket shoe for ankles support.

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Adidas Performance Men's Cross 'EM 3

Under Armour Men’s UA Lock-down

Nike men’s air Jordan xxxi

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Consider Things Before Pick A Pair Of Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

You specifically want to buy a pair of shoes for ankle support. But before buying that type of shoes, you have to consider some important issues that will help you buy a good pair of basketball shoes. So, whenever you buy the best basketball shoes, just remember the things below:

Check the brand first: When you are on the online market to buy shoes for ankle support, then think about the brand. Because a brand comes in sight after a long time good service for a particular types of goals in their business. So, brand name is very important.

Shoes should be with good ankle support: The shoes you want to buy, check the quality if the shoes have any ankle support or not. If not then go otherwise.

It should be well cushioning and responsive: For ankle guard, a shoe must be well cushioning and responsive. When a player is fast in the court and ready to cut or dribble the ball then whole the pressure of body falls on the ankle. In this case, he need a pair of shoes with ankle support.

Well fitting: The first condition of the best basketball shoe is well fitting. If your shoe is fit well, then you definitely will not play as your own attitude. So, fitting the shoe is factor all the way, especially for basketball.

Light weighted and durable: The shoe you want to buy should always be light weighted, durable and long-lasting. Because frequently changing the shoes hampers the mood of a good basketball player.Light weighted basketball shoes keep the player fast and steady on the floor. The players become energetic with the light weighted basketball shoes.

Price And Your Budget: Your fixed budget may up or down according to the quality of the shoes you choose. If you go to a highly specified shoes for you, you can have to count a bit more than your budget. So, compare the features and price and be decided to which is better for you. I think the better thing always costs more.

So, considering all the issues above, we will give a short list for the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The selected item will narrow your searching are and save your time double. Let’s see the list below.

#1. Adidas Performance Men's Cross 'EM 3

Adidas performance men’s cross ‘em 3 basketball shoe is designed with a extra performance power of the players in the basketball court.

The shoe is equipped with the technology such as TORSION SYSTEM that provides players the most stability in the court. With the shoes, the players keep themselves balanced even during a heavy run for hooping the ball. It is perfect for dribbling and crossing the balls to the other players in the court.

The upper is a mixture of leather and synthetic that gives a wonderful out look to the shoe. Otherwise the shoe has an excellent breath-ability that keeps the feet of the players cool. As a result, the slippage inside the shoe reduced and the players feel comfort for a long hour of a game.

EVA sock liners, the other technology of the shoe keeps the feet locked in the shoe. It puts an additional comfort for the players in wearing the shoes.

So, it’s good for the basketball players.EVA mid-sole cushioning the other tech for the shoes that give mid foot a support during a match of basketball going on.

Non-marking out sole is another feature of the Men’s cross ‘Em 3 basketball shoes. While running and jumping on the court, there is no marks left on the surface of the court. This is a modern technology of the Adidas Performance Men’s Cross ‘em basketball shoes.

Otherwise the traction of the sole is very good. It catches the surface of the sole tightly. As a result, no slippage happens on the time to make any cut or dribble the ball the other position in the basketball court.

Cushioning is one of the comfortable features of the model. The cushioning is responsive. It supports for ankle. In addition, it absorbs impacts from the up and down or any other running or jumping during a match going on.

When ankles of the players get pressure from playing, then the cushioning of the shoes give support to protect the ankle from any injuries. This why the Adidas Performance Men’s Cross ‘EM 3 basketball shoe is the best basketball shoes for ankle support.


  • Leather and synthetic upper for light weight and durability
  • Breath-ability for keeping the feet cool
  • EVA sock liners for fit to size.
  • The rubber out-sole for good ground traction
  • Cushion for comfortable wearing and ankle support


  • The sole of the shoe is a bit tight.

#2. Under Armour Men’s UA Lock-down

This is also a fast and comfortable pair of shoes for the basketball players for ankle support. The shoe provides players agility in the game. Some unique features of the shoe are really great and market demanded. So, this model is very much wanted to the players who are interested in mainly giving the ankle support.

The upper of the shoe is a combination of light weighted synthetic and leather. The materials make the shoe light weighted.

The mid-sole of the shoe is EVA cushioning. It provides a good fit for the players. It also gives support for ankle. Otherwise, it reduces the chances of being injuries during a game. The standard shaft measures approximately to the top from arch of the shoes that is good for an ideal pair of shoes.

The collar foam that mainly used for ankle support. It boosts the support around the ankle. It is also a comfortable support for the basketball players. When a player runs fast and jump fast in the court the court, then the collar pad absorbs the shock them.

The solid rubber sole is for highly ground traction. The herringbone ground traction protects players from slipping away in the court. The several pattern of the out sole provides a traction capacity stronger. So, no doubt, this is the best basketball shoes for ankle support.


  • Long-lasting and light in weight
  • EVA cushioning mid-sole for mid foot support
  • Arch shape is standard.
  • Collar foam for ankle support.
  • Solid rubber sole for good traction.


  • It’s a bit narrow in size

#3. Nike men’s air Jordan xxxi

The innovative design of the Nike allures the best basketball players in the world. Every feature and the performances of the shoe make famous around the court of basketball.

The shoe is mainly for the players who need very much ankle support during playing basketball. Those main features of the shoe make it great are durability, light weight, material and sole constructions.

The upper of the shoe is synthetic and leather. The artificial mixture material is a support for making the shoe lightweight and durable. The combination of material is perfect for the any types of shoes. So, the manufacturers use it worldwide for their customers.

The rubber sole is most important part of a basketball shoe. The waterproof item is a basement of the shoe. So, the players always think about sole of a shoe. If the traction of a shoe is not good, then the players will not play well in the court. So, this is very important part to think about.

Zoom air unit cushioning is for fast movement in the game. It makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable. The herringbone pattern of the out sole has a good grip on the floor. No slippage is expected from the sole of the shoe.

So, this is very popular for the basketball players. It is also a help for ankle support for the basketball players. Because when a step down on the court, then no movement happens due to have a good traction. So, herringbone is a technology that protect ankle from injuries.

Breath-ability is to keep your foot cool for a long time of play in the basketball court. It is also very important feature. So, before buying any shoe, consider not only for a good support for ankle but also you have to think about stability of your foot in shoe.

The tongue of the shoe holds an original Air Jordan logo that proves it original. In one word, for your ankle support, you definitely choose this model for a smooth play in the basketball court.

So, this the best basketball shoe for ankle support. And my suggestion is to read the features carefully and go through buying the item you choose online.


  • Waterproof rubber sole
  • Cushion support against any injury
  • Durable
  • Breath-ability to keep the feet cool
  • Nice traction capacity of rubber sole


  • No bad side found yet

#4. Nike Men’s Prime Hyp DF

It is a unique design of the Nike and for the players who are looking for good ankle support and breath-ability. This is also an innovative item by Nike that makes changes in the game. The popular features of the shoe are really the advancement of the shoe manufacturer. The important features are the important steps of the shoes.

Synthetic and mesh combine the formation of the upper part of the shoes. The artificially generated material makes the shoe light weighted. As a result, players get enhancement in the game.

The dual layer mid-sole cushioning foam is for comfortable support for ankle. It absorbs all kinds of injuries from the pressure of jumping and running.

From the arch to the shaft measures approximately 4.4-inch that is a standard distance for a basketball shoe.

Rubber sole is good for good traction. The waterproof rubber is perfect for good grip of the ground. Because it does not have slip during a run and dodge to the opponent.

The breath-ability is awesome for your feet to keep them cool. When foot is sweating during play, the breath-ability keeps the foot cool. As a result, the players can play for a long ting time in the court.

Of all the other features, the ankle support is the main high light of the Nike Men’s Prime Hyp DF Basketball Shoes. Because the shoe is the best basketball, shoes for ankle support. You can try it for once in online marketplace.


  • Synthetic and mesh upper for light weight
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Cushion for comfortable use
  • Breath-ability works well to keep the feet safe.
  • Mid-sole cushion supports mid foot.


  • A bit hard to put on or put off.

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