Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Players 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Players 2017 Buyer’s Guide

The sole of the shoes is rubber. It's long-lasting and has a good traction on the ground. It's waterproof also. The slippage rate is almost zero on the ground. So, the basketball players feel safety with the sole.

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for flat feet players? This is obviously available in the online marketplaces at the shelve of the best outdoor basketball shoes. Because the manufacturers consider things that, the foot structure of a basketball player is sometime a factor. Otherwise, we know that not the all people were born in the same body structure.

This is why, there is a somewhat difference between the human beings. In addition, it happens the same for the basketball players when to talk about the foot structure of the players.

Because in talk of basketball, some players come with the flat feet and some are with the arched feet. However, let's go to the difference between flat feet and arched fee.

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A Brief Definition Of Flat And Arched Foot

Flat foot: Flat foot is a positional deformity that has no any arches between toe and heel of a foot. Therefore, for the flat foot, the total sole of the foot comes almost a complete contact with the ground. Alternatively, there is no gap between toe and heel while to walk on. As a result, all the pressure of body falls on the feet. So, it tends to an injury such as plantar fasciitis.

Arched foot: On the other hand, arched foot is quite opposite to a flat foot. It has a certain size of bow-like curve beneath the foot sole. The arch of a foot functions a spring and absorbs the impact of the body pressure during a walk or run. Therefore, the players of arched feet gets extra privileges than that the players of flat feet.

Good News The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

The shoe manufacturers leave no options pending in an object to boosting their business worldwide. So, they fairly meet any obstacles and solve them instantly. For the flat feet people, it happens the same. They design the shoe according to the structure of the flat feet people.

So, the famous brands of the shoe manufacturers shelve the best basketball shoes for flat feet players in the online marketplace. And in condition to have the information available on this site, I'm giving the full details of the best selling shoes for flat feet basketball players.

 Top 5 Basketball Shoes Review

#1. Performance Men's D Rose 4 Basketball Shoe

Men's D Rose 4 is mainly designed for the flat feet players. With the shoes, the players become aggressive in the court. Because it takes a variation by the manufacturers when to design the shoe for flat feet players. So, the flat feet players feel comfort with D Rose 4. There are some essential features of the shoes that work in favor of a flat-feet player. 

Synthetic leather is the main material for upper of the shoes. Generally, it makes shoe light in weight and gives a long a life. Otherwise, a sprint web technology is also a support for being light weight. Because the basketball players become sprightly with the light weight shoes. 

The articulated molded EVA cushioning mid-sole is with sprint frame tooling technology. It has a soft responsive cushioning support. Because it avoids rolling over a fast run in the game. The mid-sole cushioning technology keeps the flat feet players stable in the court. It absorbs any shocks from sudden pressure of body. 

The EVA sock liner shoe collar give a support when to make frequent steps during a play. It also keeps the heel fit on a hasty cut in an excited match. Because the shoe collar is rounded by the soft cushion so that it can give support for heel save from injury.


  • Not too weight. Comfortable and long-lasting.
  • Hell support is awesome for cushioning mid-sole.
  • Good traction on the court. No slippage during a run.
  • Breath-ability is fine for foot.


  • Size matching is a bit tough

#2. Converse For Three Mid Mens Basketball Shoe

This is a great pair of shoes for the flat feet basketball players. So, it is an incredibly comfortable shoes that lead players to hoop the balls leaving the counterparts aside. The extra soft leather offers comfort, support and a long life against intense use around the rim of the court.

The breath-ability of the shoe keeps foot cool in shoe. Thick padding collar provides support for ankle. Otherwise the textile liners reduces the friction and offers comfort for players. However, the more important features are-

For a safe positional game to play, leather is the best for upper of a shoe. Because it's solid and comfortable. Players have no any uncertainty with the leather coated shoes. So, it's good to play.

EVA Mid-sole is very appropriate to absorb the shock. Otherwise, the EVA cushioning mid-sole is specially a perfect choice for the flat feet players. Because it makes up the gap between mid-sole of the foot.

The out-sole of the Three Mid is rubber. It's really perfect for shoe soles. The waterproof stuff has a good gripping capacity. It contacts ground well during a play. So, Three Mid Men's Basketball Shoe is the best basketball shoes for flat feet players. It can fasten the ground of every jump by the basketball players.

It's breath-ability is wonderful for airing the foot during a play. The textile linings inside and around the shoe save foot from abrasive injuries. Because the players have to make random cuts and dodges to their challengers in a play. The durability of the overall product is fine. It takes long time for other pair of shoe to buy.


  • Synthetic leather upper that is not heavy and comfortable
  • EVA mid-sole cushioning absorbs impacts from heavy jumps.
  • Textile lining against frictions and injuries.
  • Good traction from rubber out-sole.
  • Breath-ability for foot to cool. 
  • Everybody has purchase capacity.


  • Has a minor slippage.

#3. Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

The crazy explosive is really crazy in your shots. The every feature support the players as required. The design of the shoe is looking leonine like. It's performance is also satisfactory to the players. Xeno upper, rubber soles, textile lining, Tinted TPU mid-sole etc.

Tower the shoe as high as possible. It gives a player an extra power to enjoy whole the game in a steady play. So, it's popular to the flat feet players.

The textile and synthetic upper of the shoe gives an exclusive outlook and the light weight offers a flying experience. The heavy-duty shoe goes a long way with it lovers.

Tinted TPU coated mid-sole has a snug fit of the shoe. It's very comfortable for flat feet players. The soft cushion ties foot around the shoe.

It's rubber. But this rubber-sole is basketball-court friendly. It has a hardly slipping rate. So, the players can play comfortably the whole game. The comfortable and most responsive cushioning boost. It saves foot from frictions.

A reflective changeable color gives beautiful looking at the shoe. Comfortable textile lining is used to protect foot from abrasive ailment. The lacing system is ultra modern. It lessens the pressure on laces.


  • Light weight and long-lasting.
  • Sole traction is wonderful. No slippage on the ground.
  • Textile lining is an anti-friction. So, no injury.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Breath-ability keeps foot cool in shoe.


  • For Asian people, the size is matter sometime. But not for USA people.

#4. Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016

The light weight low tops is an energetic and crazy in the court. It boosts up players at their play around the whole rim of the basketball players. The flat feet players facilitate it more than others. The boost mid-sole has aggressive charge against the rivals in the excited match.

The jacquard upper has mercilessly looking at the opponent. And the heel cup remains fastened during a run to hoop the ball.The features you like most are-

It's textile and synthetic. The mixed component makes shoe light in weight. The durability it has is also an important for the upper part. It's cozy and has a fly-like feeling over the hoop.

Molded TPU mid-sole cushioning for better experience of comfort. It controls heel cup and lock-down the foot with stability.

The rubber out-sole with better traction on the court. It enhances the performance of the flat feet players against the rivals.

Comfortable textile lining for a steady game. It gives relieve for foot during heavy cut passing by others. It protects foot from friction.

The back collar of the shoe is a specialized for more comfort on the fighting court. It has an advanced mid-foot stability for an ultimate lock-down while to jump for hooping the ball.


  • It's light weight for synthetic and textile
  • Durability long
  • Cushioning support is heavy.
  • Out-sole works well on hardwood. Has good traction capacity.
  • Comfortable mid-sole is compatible for flat feet players.
  • Back collar cushioning for comfortable running and jumping.


  • A bit heel slippage, though not mention-able.

#5. Reebok Pro Heritage 1

For the fast runners, Reebok introduced the entry-level basketball shoe. It's also for flat feet players. The perforate upper makes the shoe light. It's fast forwarding speed is incredibly exceptional. Otherwise, the herringbone traction cheats slippage during a madly run with ball. Moreover, the breath-ability accompanies with airing and cooling the foot in shoe.

So, the breath-ability brings comfort for the basketball players. However, the most important features that you need for basketball court are-

Fabric and synthetic mixed makes great the shoe. It reduces the weight of shoe and enhances power for playing well. The life of the upper is also long-lasting. The users of the shoe get extra comfort with upper of mixed materials.

Cushioning mid-sole is for a support for flat feet basketball players. It keeps foot smoothly tight and lock-down. As a result, the stability of the players remains steady around the court.

The out-sole is very much unique demand for the flat feet basketball players. So, the Pro Heritage is designed with the rubber out-sole for its attractive herringbone ground traction. Because the rubber grip has trustworthy confidence without having any slippage.

The shoe is keeping necessary cushioning foot bed for a sure comfort. It absorbs injuries or any other impacts from quick jump.

You can change the removable sock liner with your chosen one. This is not fixed for this shoe. If it is damaged or gets out of date, then you can choose another new one for a safety measure for your foot.


  • It's light in weight. So, it runs fast.
  • Breath-ability is good for foot. It's anti-sweat.
  • The grip is good and works well.
  • Cushioning is perfectly placed for heel and mid-sole support.
  • The grip is good and works well.


  • Narrow in size.

Buyer’s Guide

Actually a buyer’s guide is a buying instructions for the buyers of the related sites. So, a buyer’s guide includes whole about a product that badly needed a customer of the site. So, I am here to present the details of the flat feet shoe for my valued visitors on my site. I have researched materials of the shoe and reviews for flat feet that read below-

Safety: The safety measures come first when you wearing the shoes that provide cheer in the game. The above reviewed shoe brands, however, in sense, take care of the fitness for the players. Otherwise, the making materials they used, definitely users’ friendly in absorbing the impacts that come from quick cutting, jumping, moving etc.

The upper sole, mid sole and outsole are designed in highly technology from which a player can enjoy every super performance in a game. The cushioning is one of the most important safe guard that keeps feet stable in shoes and protects from injury during a drive to dunk the ball. So, the shoes’ design keeps overall safety for players on the rim in the basketball court.

Quality: When you read the brand name printed on the shoes, obviously you are well known to it beforehand. But you have a clear concepts about the brand that is not mushrooming in a wetland around a dust-bin. Some countable names that come in to your sight became famous for manufacturing quality shoes for the world of basketball.

They become enlisted as a brand only when people got them used the quality materials for upper sole, mid sole, out-sole, cushion, lacing, traction etc. So, I can ensure you with the pieces detailed above are quality and durable shoes both for sportsman or runners in the street.

Comfort: In that profession you go for shopping shoes, if not comfortable, vain in luck, pain in mind, and can never be your long path enlightened for you. But the cleverly manufacturers had over-tricks in designing the shoes that settled every material comfortable for hours to play.

The ankle support, mid foot support and the toe-end support are unbeatable when they cushioned for soft feelings instead of heavy impact of jumping, running or cutting etc. The floral softness you feel wearing them are blessing of the brand manufacturers. It’s you to trust to the shoes and buying.

Support: An over jumped impact lightened when the heavy cushion or foam is guarded for you. The brands and the shoes are competitively giving the ankle support, flat feet support and mid foot support that generally reduce the possibilities of having injury during a bullish match to finish in winning. Therefore, the supporting all the way the shoes give is worthwhile when you can consider thinking about them.

Price and budget: The higher the quality, the higher the price. But I don’t know, which to go on. Whether you are professional or not, that is coming later. But the comfort and quality. If you get your budget under controlled that not met the price tagged on the shoes, you better rethink your choice. But I know your affordability for shoes you want should be relaxed when the price is less considerable to brand and quality.

The closing voice: So, you are not just a curse of being flat feet basketball players. Rather you are blessed as the manufacturers raise their eyes to you. The daylong research for shoes for flat feet players, I get some famous brands that are very keen to the types of players of flat feet. The eye-catching models and power features really make them lucky.

So, according to your requirement you can select the best one I reviewed above for you. Otherwise, you can compare each and every item side by side. It will help you to choose the best one in terms of your right choice. So, keep seeing and choosing the right one that fits well for you. Bye! Bye!!

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