Best basketball shoes for guards 2017 guide and reviews

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards 2017 Guide And Reviews

The comfortable and responsive cushion covers between heel and forefoot. It absorbs impact from the ground during a running and jumping in the basketball court.

Thinking something special in design for the best basketball shoes for guards? Because the guards are not as simple as the other players. As the guards have an important role in the basketball court, so, the shoes they wear are also designed in special care.

We know there are two positions for guards in basketball game. So, they are shooting guards and point guards. So, both are very important positions and require the particular types of shoes that I will review after seeing the role of the guards in the basketball game.

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Hyperdunks 2015 Men Round Toe

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Adidas D Lillard 2

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Nike Men's Kyrie 2

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#1. Hyperdunks 2015 Men Round Toe

Nike Hyperdunk 2015 model is with some special features that really induces the guards for basketball. The new look is carrying some new technologies for the better performance in the basketball court. So, let's see the tech and construction of the Nike Hyperdunk 2015.

The upper is synthetic and mesh for supportive and durability. It's also light in weight.

EVA cushioning mid-sole. The mid-sole is mainly for a support for mid foot. So, when a player makes a fast run, the pressure on the mid foot increases. So, the cushioning mid-sole acts as a support for mid foot.

The out-sole is rubber. The rubber has a good traction capacity. Because it has hardly slippage while to have quick cut in the game. It's durable also.

The bottom level of the shoe is made of synthetic material for an excellent supportive backing. And for the light weight and breath-ability, the mesh is used for middle part of the shoe. The long-lasting shoe's top layer is Thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU). Because the material brings durability for shoe.

The fly-wire cables are very essential part for the shoes. Because it is related to fitness, fasten and lock-down.

The collar of the shoe is designed with articulated padding lines for a comfortable and easy fit.


  • Hyper-fuse technology touches every layer of the shoe. The technology makes the shoe durable and light weighted.
  • The shoe fits well for fly-wire cables.
  • The responsive cushion lies between heel and forefoot. It works a support for forefoot during a jumping up and down.


  • Not sufficient back padding for heel support.

#2. Adidas D Lillard 2

The famous item keeps the signature of the Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard on it. He is an American professional basketball players. So, this is easily comprehensive that the shoe will definitely be best basketball shoes for guards. The important and useful features are.

For light and durable, the synthetic leather is perfect for basketball shoe. Because the heavy shoe does not power the players in the court. So, synthetic leather is used for the shoe.

Mid-sole is made of hi-tech composite fabric. It's very comfortable and durable. It provides support for mid foot.

Boost cushioning provides more power to the players' feet. It specially gives support to heel. It's comfortable and responsive.


  • The rubber sole is durable and the traction is very nice.
  • Fabric mid-sole is very soft and comfortable.
  • Breath-ability of the shoe is good.
  • The soft cushioning supports for any impacts from jumping.


  • A little bit tight across the top of foot.

#3. ​Nike Men's Kyrie 2

Nike Men’s Kyrie 2 is an advanced traction and light weighted cushioning best outdoor basketball shoes for day. Because it is durable and comfortable that makes the players happy on the floor of the basketball court.

So, the traction and cushioning technology are favorable for the players in the court. It kills the opponents in the court. There are main features that have made the shoes gorgeous are detailed below.

The upper of the product is Synthetic and mesh. The artificial mixed materials make the shoes durable and light weighted. So, the basketball legends get agility with the shoe.

Mid-sole is made of EVA cushioning. It is comfortable and responsive. It keeps foot safe from any shocks during a play.

The rubber out-sole is famous for its traction capacity. It has a wonderful grip on the ground. This non-marking sole is anti-slippage. The herringbone sole patterns bite the ground tightly when to cut and dodge the rivals on the floor. So, it gives energy to players.

It’s a trustworthy technology for the shoes. The ground traction of the herringbone sole is noteworthy. It keeps players stronger in the court.

Nike Zoom Air unit cushioning for forefoot support. It absorbs impacts from heavy jumping and running during a play.


  • It’s light weighted and durable for a long time.
  • Mid-sole cushioning for extra support for mid foot.
  • Herringbone patterns for good traction that can grip the floor well.
  • Zoom air unit cushioning for forefoot. It’s for comfortable use.
  • Breath-ability is good for keeping the foot cool.


  • Size is small. So, tight for wide feet men.

The Roles Of The Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

​Shooting Guards: The shooting guard of a basketball team is generally shortest and stronger player in a team. So, the shooting guard is always very keen to dribbling and passing the ball around the court.

Otherwise, this type of player controls the ball and plays an offensive game in the basketball court. The shooting guard is an expert to take most shots in the game.

And from the three-point range, it needs to be an exact shooter against the opponents. In a basketball game, the shooting guard is generally taller than a point guard.

Point Guard: The point guards are generally the master to handling, dribbling and passing the ball all the players around the court. Because the point guard is an offensive player. The point guard may also be the shortest player.

Because he is basically intelligent has a closure look to the teammates during play a game. Otherwise, like shooting guard, the point guard also takes a long distance shooting. However, the both guards perform almost the same roles in a basketball game.​

Why Is The Design And Quality Of Shoe Most Important For Guards?

According to the detailed performance of the guards in the basketball game, we have become clear about the responsibilities of the guards in the court. For both guards, they have to handle the ball and then dribbling and passing the ball to others for shootings. As a result, they have to make quick cuts and dodges against their opponent players.

Why is the design and quality of basketball shoe most important for guards

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So, to keep their feet stable during a fast game, it definitely requires well designed shoe that helps to enhance the game in the basketball court. In fact, I have researched and selected some brand shoes that are really perfect for the guards. The reviews of the shoes are below.

Guide To Buy Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

A well-formatted buyer's guide helps buyers to decide about the services or products they want. From a well-written buyer's guide, the visitors can observe all about the product at a glance.

As a result, the product selection task becomes shortened to them. Below are the helpful tips and tricks on selection a pair of basketball.

Fitting Technology: When shoe fitness is factor for the players, who are especially professional in the basketball game, the above listed brands and models are only for them.

The positional guards who make quick moves and cut, the designs are very compatible to play with. Putting the shoes on and lacing them means you are just ready for fighting, because of fitness of the shoes.

Breath-ability And Comfort: The comfort all the way for the shoes that you can avail in a most significant match in your basketball career. Because every part of the shoe takes a high tech expertise that enhances your game comfortably.

The ventilation technology is more enjoyable that compel you to play more and more if you have worn them once. The sweating your feet into the shoes may cause skin disease for a frequent package of game. Thus, the design brings the technology of airing that removes sweat when playing for a long time.

Cushion And Safety: Getting injury in every game is a must. So, for basketball. But to use the new designs of the shoes above made for guards have less risk. They provide safety in games and in your mind. The cushion requires to absorb the impacts of jump and run during a game is on.

When you are running fast and cut each others, then the impacts from the pressure of your body is absorbed by the bottom cushion giving you comfort and safety in line.

Quality: When only the quality products chased these brands to the apex point of goodwill, hence, no doubt, your efforts to buy never go in vain. The manufacturers have used the different patterns of materials for every part it needs. As a result, the shoes get popularity for being it quality items.

Support: Support for guards is very important. The mid-sole support for mid foot that comes from the mid-shoe cushion or foam. Otherwise, the ankle support that comes from a heavy, thin and durable foam or sponge used at the ankle.

The upper support is also from the leather or mesh synthetic materials. So, every support round the shoes come in the design and model.

Affordable Price: One can easily think of high features may cost more. Actually, it does not make you think about your budget compared to the features the brands have. You can also plan one of pair of shoes you preferred to buy.

Because the manufacturers keep in mind the buying affordability that targets the every people to buy and spreads their fame worldwide. So, a mid-range budget is quite enough to have a nice model to buy a pair of shoes.

To The End: To select a pair of best basketball shoe for guards is not so easy. So, after investing days for the right choice, at last we have got some of the product for the best basketball shoes for guards. Because this is a different type of shoes.

For the positional basketball players like guards, it needs a certain types of shoes. In fact, the guards are always on run to have dribbling and passing the ball all around the court. The above reviews and the analysis of the every feature of the product will help our visitors to choose the right one for them.

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