Best basketball shoes for point guards

Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guards 2017 Buyer’s Guide

No doubt, the point guard is a very important position in the basketball game. So, it is essential the best basketball shoes for point guards. So, there is lot of things with this position in the basketball game. Because the coach of a basketball team always want point guards to show their ability, talents, skills, spirit, quality and leadership.

Moreover, the point guards control all the teammates and opponent players in the basketball court during a game. For the better concepts about the role of point guards, I am discussing the important roles and responsibilities of the point guards in the basketball court.

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The Responsibilities Of The Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guard

An ideal point guard needs a pair of specially designed shoes in the basketball court. Because there are some crucial responsibilities around him.

Therefore, to perform his duties, he needs passing, dribbling, quick cuts, running etc. From managing the team to finish the game, a point guard administers the following points for his team

Eye contact to the teammates: Sometime the point guard acts as a coach for the team on the floor or quarterback. So, a point guard must have an ability to coach the team well.

This is why a strong communication between the players is a must. Otherwise, a point guard directs to players to give attacking strategy and passing techniques during a game. As a point guard performs very busy role in the court, so, he needs a quality pair of basketball shoe for him.

Passing and dribbling the ball: A point guard is always a very talent and clever player in the court. Because the passing and dribbling the ball is not an easy job. So, a point guard does the job escaping his or her opponent players in the busy court.

In addition, to show this performance, he has to make different types of quick cuts to deliver the balls to his teammate. And, for the tough job, the point guard must have a pair of shoes of good ground traction that has no any slippage during a run.

Leadership in the court: In the basketball court, a point guard has a leadership to lead the team. So, the point guard should always be versatile in gathering the knowledge about every sphere of the basketball game. Basically, a point guard has an access to every important part of a game. So, it needs a well designed best basketball shoe for point guards.

Faking and Passing skill: A point guard for the basketball should be clever and must have the skill to shot-fake, pass-fake and fake with eyes, feet etc. Otherwise, he should know how to change the speed and motion dodging the opponents. So. To do the jobs, it definitely demands for the best quality of shoes for better performance in the court.

Making defense: In a game, the point guard is especially responsible to leads players to defense his side. For this, he has to be very keen and serious whole the game. So, a point guard’s quick movements require a good brand and featured shoes that work well according to the player’s choice.

The above responsibilities are the most important issues for a team and for the point guards on the floor. To perform every task detailed above requires a player being energetic and fast paced. However, the manufacturers design the shoes assessing the quality and position of the players.

So, there are some reviews on the best basketball shoes for point guards. I think the reviews will help our visitors to take a right decision for a right pair of shoes for the point guards.

#1. Nike Men's Kobe XI Elite Low

Nike Men’s Kobe XI is a nice shoe for the point guards. It fits well with the fast and quick-paced players. The materials and the manufacturing technology are great. This is why the model has become popular to the point guards overnight.

The shoe technologies are the first choice for high performance athletes. For natural motion, the responsive Lunarlon foam is used with flex grooves.

Zoom air unit increases the heel responsiveness. Moreover, the TPU yarn makes the shoe light and fast. For a buying concept, I am giving more the details about the Nike Men’s Kobe XI. The details include-

The upper of the shoe construction is of fly knit. The fly knit yarn is very flexible, strong and light weighted. It provides users form-fit comfort and gives energy for quickest moves. Mid-sole is made of special cushion that gives support for mid-foot. Out sole is rubber. Because the rubber has good traction. It grips the surface of the court well.

Fly knit is a unique technology for Nike that makes the shoe light, strong and flexible. It is a kind of knitting engineering for the shoe manufacturer’s company. Lightness, formfitting, sustainability and performance are the key points of the Fly-knit technology. Mesh tongue is for a good breath-ability.

The technology keeps foot cool. It helps ventilating the shoes. For every movements, responsive cushioning technology support every part of foot such as heel and ankle. Low top design makes the shoe light and players become fast sin the court. It provides energy for ankle.

These types of rubber sole offers multi-directional traction on the court. The technology favors the fast players, particularly for the point guards in the basketball court.


  • Making materials are good.
  • It’s light weighted and fast.
  • The shoe is durable and sustainable.
  • The sole traction is very good.
  • Mid sole cushioning, is responsive and has ankle support.


  • Narrow in size. Problem for wide feet men.

#2. Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5

This is a great design of Under Armour. The color is also eye catching. The shoes fit true to size. The shoe of 13 ounces insole foam provides a heavenly comfort during a play. The traction of the out-sole of the shoes is incredible and they have very wonderful grip on the floor. The shoes hold the feet securely and comfortably. The plenty of cushion provides guard for the point guards players on the floor. For more clear concepts about the features of the shoes, put eyes below.

Molded Synthetic upper is for light weight and snug fit. The durability of the shoes also is good. The mid-sole is used of soft cushioning. It’s great for the foot bottom. The rubber is perfect for basketball shoes. Because, it’s ground traction is excellent. The main privilege of rubber is waterproof.

The external PU shell of the shoe technology gives stronger support for structure and durability. As a result, the shape of the shoes never be tampered by the long use of the shoes.

The shank and heel counter technology provides stability of heel in shoe. Otherwise, the forefoot and arch of the shoe give a good support and reduce the slippages of the foot inside the shoe.


  • It’s light weighted for molded synthetic material.
  • The shoe life is durable. So, one can use it for a long time.
  • The fitting rate is very good.
  • Soft cushioning for heel support.
  • The traction of the out-sole is really praiseworthy.


  • A bit problem with the lacing system. It get relax easily even after tying tightly.

#3. Men’s Curry 2 Low

Under Armour Men’s Curry 2 is an innovative design for the point guards of the basketball court. So, the players with the Curry 2 get lightening speed in the basketball court. Otherwise, the materials and making technologies impress the basketball players.

The out sole and its ground traction are wonderful. The cushioning technology of the shoe provides players a comfort during a game. Let’s go to dig for more details about Curry 2.

Textile and synthetic materials are used for upper construction for light weight and to increase the sustainability of the shoe. Charged cushioning for heel and mid foot support. The mid-sole cushion absorbs the impacts of jumping and running during a game. The out-sole design of a shoe is very important for the fast players.

Because the traction capacity of a shoe is factor. The ant-slippage technology of a shoe is called traction. So, the traction quality of out-sole should be good. So, the traction of the out-sole of Men’s curry 2 low basketball is incredible. It’s good for point guards of basketball players.

Herringbone traction pattern of an out-sole of a shoe is very popular. Because the pattern drawn beneath the sole has a good gripping power on the ground.

As a result, the slippage possibility of the shoe remains almost zero. Textile cloth wraps the upper to reduce the heat and keep the foot cooler for playing a longer time in the court. Charged or hi-tech responsive foam for a support during a quick cut, run and jump.

The responsive hi-tech foam is used for ankle, heel and mid foot support for point guards. Because the point guards are always on passing and dribbling the ball to take control the game in their favor.


  • The original making materials
  • Light weight and resilient
  • Herringbone pattern traction for good grip
  • Responsive charged foam for ultra guard for heel and ankle
  • Mid-sole cushion for mid foot support.


  • Sometime it is difficult to fit the size when to buy online.

#4. Nike Jordan CP3.VIII

Nike Jordan CP3 VIII keeps the basketball legend Chris Paul’s signature on it. The design and the other technologies keep players avid to play overlooking the rivals across the court of basketball.

The players review the shoe as most killer the opponents. It is fast, durable and responsive. It gives players power to win the game anyway. The more detail about the features below.

Synthetic and mesh upper gives shoe a nice look. Synthetic-mesh upper is a long-lasting and light in weight. So, players remain tuned in playing for success. A soft cushioning mid-sole is used for a comfortable fit. The cushion provides heel and mid-foot support. It works well for fast-and-tough players.

The out-sole of shoe is always rubber. For, rubber is waterproof and grips the ground well. During a quick cut and dodge the players, it does not happen any slippage. So, players can play in relax mood.

Flight web is such a technology of Nike that helps shoe fit well with shoe. It makes lock-down the foot. The technology makes the cushion more springy and comfortable.

Otherwise, it can absorb the impacts from jumping and running. The durable plastic frame is used around the lateral side of the shoe. It protects sole from peeling out. It’ nice to look too.


  • Light in weight and long lasting.
  • Making materials and design is good.
  • Good floor traction for rubber sole. It’s perfect for basketball shoe.
  • Soft cushion for comfortable use.
  • Cushion is very much springy that absorbs the socks from jumping.


  • It’s narrow and not fit for wide feet man.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Basketball Shoes For Point Guards

A buyer’s guide helps buyers to decide easy for a product they choose. This is the most important and helpful guidelines for the buyers who are interested in buying the product.

I suggest the buyers seeing the features at a glance and taking a quick decision as their own by saving their valuable time. So, consider the following things before going to have shoes for point guards.

Style: Style is one of the most important things to consider before buying a pair of basketball shoes. If the shoe does not match with your playing style, then you have to regret with shoes as well.

For point guard players, the above listed shoes will match well as I know they are designed only for the specific players who play as point guards. So, do not be distracted by the advertisements, read a clear review before buying it.

Stability: Look at the out-sole that provides you a great performance in the game. For a standard stability, the out-sole of a shoe should always be flat. Otherwise, the moderately wide out-sole protects your ankle rollover.

In addition, the out-sole of bottom should be herringbone pattern that has enough traction to keep you stable during a quick start and stop. For outdoor basketball game, the out-sole should be a bit heavier for more durable.

Size: This is not wise to assume that your shoe size will be the same as before. The feet shape may change over time. So, determine first with the proper size of your shoe first. However, for perfectly matching your shoes, determine your shoe size and feet size. Then your buying will be cost-effective.

Closure System: A closure system of shoe is very important while it keeps your foot snug and safe against a quick, and hastily stop-start and frequent side-to-side motions.

So, something you should consider to think around the things such as laces, straps, zippers, Velcro etc. If you get everything great, you also will get better performance in the game.

Cushioning Technology: The mid-sole of a shoe is usually made of polyurethane, EVA or compressed EVA or a combination of materials. Though, EVA compressed or EVA provides light weight cushioning, it is not so durable and stable.

But EVA can be somewhat durable by compressing it. On the other hand, the polyurethane is more durable and stable cushioning material. The polyurethane has also stability in mid-sole, but it adds a bit weight to the shoe.

Comfort: Mainly the inner materials of a shoe offer comfort to the shoe. So, this natural, you should check the materials used to construct the shoe. The upper material, mid-sole, out-sole, lace etc. are the main factor to make it comfortable the shoe.

Price And Your Budget: You should consider shoe price and your budget. If you get all the features of the shoe detailed fine, then you can consider price with whatever it requires. But if not according to your style or position, then go otherwise. Just bargaining between your budget and the price tagged on the shoe.

Closing Talks: As we present all about you need to know, hence, to take a quick decision about the shoes you want to buy will be easy. Because we have already shared our research resources as a help guide for buying the best basketball shoes for point guards.

So, go to our reviews and researches to choose a right pair of shoes you need as a good point guards. Because our efforts is for the best basketball shoes for point guards.

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