Best Broadheads For Crossbow Reviews 2017

Best Broadheads For Crossbow Reviews 2017 The Ultimate Guide

Thinking to buy best Broadheads for your Crossbow? But confused which one is the best broadheads for crossbow hunting?

Don't be worried.

If you don't have enough time to search all the online resources, yet want the best Broadheads for your crossbow, just go through our reviews.

Here we've shortlisted 5 best Broadheads for crossbow based on a lot of feedback, personal experiences of both professional and amateur hunters as well as target shooters.

We've also selected these five best Broadheads for you considering penetration, accuracy, blood trail and wound channel.

Now, it's your turn to read our review and take the decision which one of our top recommendations suit your crossbow best.

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5 Best Broadheads For Crossbow

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510306 Rage Crossbowx 2-Blade Broadhead 100gr 2in Cut 3pk 53000

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Muzzy Broadheads New Muzzy Trocar Crossbow 125 Grain 3 Blade with Offset Blade Design (3-Pack

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Rage X-Treme Crossbow Broadhead 100-Grain (3 Pack), Orange

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Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75 Inch Cut Broadhead

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#1. 510306 Rage CrossbowX 2 Blade Broadhead 100grain 2in Cut 3pk 53000

If you're looking for the ultimate hunting experience, Rage CrossbowX is the best broadheads for crossbow hunting. This is one of the fatal Broadheads available in the market today. It is specifically designed to use with the Crossbow 2 Blade. 100 grain. Model 53000.

Its' tough razor-sharp stainless Steel blades, wide cutting diameter and Shock Collar Technology for perfect blade retention make this Broadhead reliable to the deer hunters than the other models.

It's .035-Inch thick Stainless Steel blades feature surgical-grade sharpness. It ensures fatal and deep open vein cuts. It also offers the maximum bone splitting power that stops the target just in its step.

Moreover, the stainless steel components of the blade ensure its strength to withstand even the hardest hits.

It's a 100-grain Broadhead with a cutting diameter of 2-inches plus. This diameter is seriously extensive and able to cause more tissue damage to the target body. Hence, it creates massive blood trails so that you can easily track the target.

The CrossbowX integrates the unique Ferrule Alignment Technology. This feature impressively enhances its aerodynamic flight. You can hit the biggest target with force with its enhanced head's velocity and energy.

It also features the Shock Collar Technology. Hence, it's able to provide perfect blade retention and prevents the blade from removing early during flight. You'll get consistent blade deployment from it.

The Broadhead is well designed to offer improved and perfect flight at a longer distance. It can fly true and able to produce speed up to 400FPS.

Moreover, the package provides a practice tip that will help you to keep the main blade sharp for the big target. The training advice flies like the real tips.

Highlighted Features

  • Precision-designed
  • Superior wound channels
  • Incredibly large class-leading blade
  • Fly fast and true toward the target
  • Integrated with ferrule alignment technology (F.A.T.)

#2 Muzzy Broadheads New Muzzy Trocar Crossbow 125-Grain 3 Blade with Offset Blade Design (3Pk)

If you want outstanding performance with better accuracy and high speed, Trocar Crossbow Broadheads from Muzzy is the best option for you. It's a high-end performing Broadhead for your crossbow.

Serious hunters all over the world prefer this Broadhead for getting the best accuracy and taking down their prey really fast.

The Broadhead is specifically designed to offer most field point accuracy and maximum arrow stabilization. For this reason, it can deliver pinpoint accuracy even at long distances.

It features a hardened ferrule made of solid stainless steel. Due to its legendary durability, the ferrule never deforms on impact with severe conditions, such as when hitting bone.

The Helix blade design helps to stabilize and spin the Broadhead. The offset 0.035" Thick Razor Sharp blades specifically designed for a clean-kill performance.

The scalpel-sharp edges deliver outstanding performance that is able to leave big short and thick blood trails. So, you can easily track your target.

The 125-grain Broadhead comes with a unique hollow-ground high strength stainless steel tip. The tip offers impressive performance splitting the bone with supreme penetration power. It's also capable of withstanding up to the hardest hits.

Hence, Muzzy Trocar Crossbow 125 Grain is a renowned broadhead for its balanced weight, razor sharp blades, perfect penetration, design, and quality.

Whether you're in the woods for hunting a hog, elk or deer, Trocar Crossbow is the best broadheads for crossbow hunting for precise shots at long ranges.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for use with high-speed crossbows
  • Offers maximum accuracy
  • Impressively wide cutting diameter of blade
  • Solid steel ferrule
  • Truly flies field point flight
  • No pre adjustment needed
  • Very sharp and high quality

#3 Rage X-Treme Crossbow Broadhead 100-Grain (3 Pack), Orange

Speed, accuracy and extra penetration what you want from your Broadheads, Rage Crossbow X-treme Broadhead offers you these features.

Its' 2.3 inches cutting diameter is large enough to create a large entry and exit wound for a quicker kill and spread with an extremely large amount of pooling blood. It leaves highly visible blood trails. So, you can easily and quickly track your prey with these big blood trails.

X-Treme Broadhead features a deadly combination of tough, 0.35-inch razor sharp stainless steel blades, heavy leading edge blade and sweeping blade angle that create a fatal wound channel.

These blades cut through prey' s hide, create massive open veins and split through the bone that stops the victim in the tracks.

It also integrates with the Ferrule Alignment Technology. The ferrule makes a parallel to the O.D of the crossbow bolt that ensures a perfect fit and flight.

The aerodynamic stainless steel ferrule firmly holds the blades together. It's also highly durable to combat any harsh condition.

Moreover, its exclusive Shock Collar Technology ensures the proper blade retention and full deployment from the rear.

The Broadhead comes in orange color and includes the free practice head. You can really rely on Rage X-Treme Crossbow Broadhead for its excellent performance for successful hunting.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide cutting diameter for more tissue damage
  • Create larger entry and exit wounds for the quick kill
  • Leave better blood trails for easy tracking of the prey
  • Flies exact field point
  • The combination of blades for devastating wound channel
  • Improved Optimum blade retention and deployment

#4 Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75 Inch Cut Broadhead

The honest simplicity of its mechanical design, matched with the strength and rigidity of the solid stainless steel blade and hardened high carbon steel tip make the Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75 Inch Cut Broadhead different from the others.

The Swhacker 100-grain comes with two expandable blades that offer you two different cutting edges. The "Wing" blades are for cutting the cover and the initial set of the rib. These blades can cut dirt, bone, hair and hide during penetration.

The "Wing" blades are comparatively smaller than the main blades. It also takes minor energy to penetrate. They also give a load- bearing surface of the ferrule during shock.

On the other hand, the "Main" blades don't touch any parts of the prey during the starting penetration. This feature keeps the main blades razor-sharp for fatal cuts on the internal organs.

The razor sharp surgical steel blades ensure maximum penetration and bone-splitting strength. 0.32 inches thick blade edges are thin enough to cut a large surface area for fatal tissue damage.

The 1.75-inch wide diameter able to create a vast wound channel that leaves a highly visible blood trail. You can easily and quickly track your prey.

It's hardened tip offers enhanced penetration and severe tissue damage. The carbon steel made tip is able to combat the hardest hits. Moreover, the ferrule is made of high-strength anodized aluminum that can withstand any animal encountered and conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • Outstanding performance and best reliability
  • High strength, durable construction
  • Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead with two separate cutting edges
  • Stainless steel and honed razor sharp blades
  • "Cut-on-contact" Stainless Steel chisel tip
  • Ferrule made of anodized aircraft aluminum


G5 Montec Broadhead is well known among the crossbow hunters for its foolproof design. Featuring with 1-inch cutting diameter, very sharp blade and hardened tip for maximum penetration, G5 Montec is a trusted name.

The G5 Montecs are trustworthy and reliable Broadheads as they have to go through a rigorous testing process. It's foolproof steel design gives greater impact strength; the spin test ensures the straightness and the field point fly.

It's a one piece designed Broadhead that constructed with 100% stainless steel. Before shooting, you don't need to assemble or replace any parts. Its screw-on feature enables you for next shooting. Just attach the Broadhead onto the shaft and it's ready to shoot.

It also comes with strong multi-tapered blades. Diamond cut sharpen edges and a cut- on- contact nose. Three Broadheads with a cutting diameter 85 grain 1 inch come in the pack. You can re-sharp and reuse the blade.

The Broadhead is a 100 % spin tested, and you'll get maximum accuracy. This is specially made for hunting. The blades are made by using Mono Flow technology, a type of heat treatment. This process ensures stronger and more aerodynamic blade.

Highlighted Features

  • Great fixed blade heads
  • Strong multi-tapered blades
  • 100% spin tested.
  • Integrated with mono-flow technology
  • No pre assembly needed
  • 100% spin-tested accuracy
  • Reusable and easy to re-sharpen.
  • Foolproof design
  • Screw-on and shoot functionality

How To Choose the Best Broadhead

Choosing the best Broadhead isn't so easy. There's nothing more annoying than having a deer in your sights, but not being able to make a successful shot.

Hence, a good Broadhead is essential to get glaring advantages. Selecting the right Broadheads for your crossbow depends on what kind of bow you're shooting, what kind of target you're pursuing, how much draw weight you're pulling and overall the hunting situation.

Look For Your Hunting Style

A good Broadhead supports your hunting style. Broadheads are classified according to their physical configuration and number of blades. When searching for a good Broadhead, you should consider the arrow speed, the target prey as well as your personal experience.

If you like slower shooting speed, Cut-on contact Broadheads are perfect for you. On the other hand, if you have faster shooting speeds, you can choose fixed or mechanical Broadheads with a large diameter.

Look For Your Preferred Configuration

The Broadheads featuring more blades ensure heavier blood trails. These types of Broadheads have two cutting edges across the grain of muscle tissue.

Hence, there is less scope to heal the cut when it ran and lost the blood trail. The one-piece broad heads come with full blades having the cutting edge of the tip to back to the blade's rear part.

One-piece fixed blade with smaller and fewer blades is suitable for novice hunters. The replaceable fixed-blade Broadheads feature the removable cutting edge that you can re-sharp and reuse.

Mechanical Broadheads

Mechanical Broadheads give you the convenience of flying it in a manner of the field point. These types of Broadheads are easy to shoot, fly like your target tips and open their full cutting blades upon impact with the prey. 

Mechanical Broadheads feature extendable blades made of thicker metal that enable them to withstand tough conditions. Usually, they come with a very large cutting diameter that creates a massive entrance and exit wounds with extreme blood trails.

Although mechanical Broadheads are not suitable for every application, they can fulfill the needs of an avid hunter season after seasons.

Weight And Tunability Of The Broadheads

After considering the types and configuration, you should decide the weight of the Broadheads. The proper weight of the Broadheads has a significant impact on the accuracy and flight.

The hunting experts recommend 125- grain heads for a massive aluminum shaft and 100-grain for the lightweight aluminum shaft. Before shooting your Broadhead, make sure that your projectiles are correctly installed straight with the Broadhead.

Try to use the separate arrow for practicing and actual hunting. Avoid using a Broadhead that weighs less than the recommended weight by the crossbow manufacturer. It may cause severe damage to your crossbow and fatal injury to you.

Pay Attention To The Tip Of Your Broadheads

Regardless of the mechanical or fixed blade, the tip of your Broadhead is important. You may find a cut-on- contact tip or basic pointer tip.

Although chisel tips are stronger and able to hold off a hit to the bone of the prey, in some cases, cut-on-contact tips are more convenient.

Because these types of tips can achieve a cut through the vitals if something goes wrong or the blades fail to deploy.


The right Broadhead is essential for a successful hunting and to bring the target prey to your home. The five best broadheads for crossbow hunting that we've discussed in our review has proven themselves the most accurate hunting Broadheads on today's market.

All of these Broadheads are able to deliver amazing accuracy even at longer distances and a fatal terminal performance when used with an appropriately designed arrow.

Hope after going through our discussion. You've found your way to choose the best Broadheads for the crossbow to get the job done successfully when placed perfectly.

So, why looking for more?

Get the right Broadheads from our list and have a good chance of putting your favorite meat on your table.

Happy Hunting!

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