Best Paintball Gun Under 200

Best Paintball Gun Under 200 And Buying Guide For Beginners

Choosing the right feature best paintball gun under 200$, always help you targeting your friend and enjoying the paintball game appropriately. I understand, the price of paintball gun always impact positive or negative on your best paintball marker selection process. Among the considerable facts, people give the best priority on product price.

Thus I decided to list top 5 best paintball gun under 200$. Knowing the feature, functionality, advantages and disadvantages of a product always helps you identifying the best product for them. Additionally, I will include a short buying guide, safety precautions and maintenance tips for beginners.

If you are searching a paintball gun that is full of feature and affordable in price, you should read this post carefully. Because all of our listed products are inexpensive and vastly functional in the field of a paintball game.

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Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun 3Skull 4+1 Mega Set

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Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

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Spyder Victor Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Package Set

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Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

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How Does Paintball Gun Work?

The functionality of a paintball gun is simple and interesting. Paintball is known as a fun game and people has a huge interest in this game. But you need the best feature paintball gun that will help you shooting in the exact direction. Basic fundamental or shooting technique of paintball guns is same. But the quality of your gun enhances the power of shooting.

A paintball marker or paintball gun use compressed air or Carbon dioxide gas to comes out using a barrel. Different types and colored paintballs are loaded into a chamber at the starting of a paintball gun. A gas cartridge is connected with that specific chamber and create compressed air pressure with force on paintballs to come out with high velocity.

To empower paintball shooting, a bolt, a spring and a hammer helps a lot. The pressure of air compressed gas always plays a vital role in this process. More accurate gas pressure your paintball gun will create, this will be more beneficial for you to throw in the exact direction.

Types Of Paintball Gun Available In The Market

Paintball is most popular shooting game that people play professionally and non-professionally as well. Most of the professionals don't know what are some popular paintball gun types available in the market. So I decided to create a short list that will give a quick overview about paintball gun type.

Based on internet research, we found three major types of paintball guns available in the market. Each of them is divided into some major types as well. However, paintball guns we can divide into three major type.

Manual Paintball Guns: Among the manual paintball guns, "Pump Paintball Gun" is the most common type of gun. This is an old model gun, and you have to pump manually to throw a paintball. To learn paintball game or to practice paintball throwing in exact direction, people use this type of paintball gun.

Automatic Paintball Guns: In this section, you will find two types of paintball gun available. Semi-automatic gun and full-automatic gun. This is most demand-able gun among the paintball guns, because of its flexible functionality. Semi-automatic gun fire once when you pull the trigger once.

The fully automatic gun is another gun type that is being popular day after day. High-quality functionality and convenient trigger system help in effortless shooting.

Electronic Paintball Guns: This type of gun comes with high functionality and ensure advanced sensitive technology as well. Generally, this type of gun uses LCD panel and computer chips to ensure more efficient shooting on your paintball gaming.

 Top 4 Paintball Gun Review

#1. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun 3Skull 4+1 Mega Set Review

Getting all accessories along with your gun that requires operating your paintball gun always adds extra advantage on your paintball gun selection process. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun 3Skull 4+1 Mega Set is such an amazing paintball gun that comes with face mask, gas chamber, ball chamber and all other necessary accessories as well.

Experts always suggest Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun for its marvelous specification and premium quality as well. This has amazing air capacity of CO2 and HPA with 0.68 caliber shooting power.

Along with 9-inch barrel length, this gun ensures strong and accurate shooting to your opponent. Free shipping upon buying this gun as package is another advantage of this amazing paintball gun.

The weight of paintball gun always impacts positive or negative on your paintball game. This gun is super light in weight that helps you carrying and shooting more conveniently. This is professional heavy duty gun that is suitable for a paintball tournament or long time indoor game as well.

Warranty feature from manufacturer also ensures long-lasting support from them. But you should read the warranty manual before you purchase, this helps you getting the precise idea about the product warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-Fog Lens and Visor With Lens Mask
  • Powerful Air Chamber and Tank With PIN Valve
  • All Necessary Accessory and Equipment Included With The Package
  • Package Include Free Shipping As Well
  • Comparatively Less Weight
  • It's a 68 Caliber Gun

#2. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Review

Make an impact with Tippmann Cronus! Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun is another lightweight but powerful paintball gun with affordable price. Most of the Tippmann guns are full of feature and thus this one.

Tippmann products are known for high-impact composite body and vertical grip as well. Alike other Tippmann products, this one has vertical grip and silencer that ensure powerful shooting with less noise.

To use rough and tough, you must need a paintball gun that is durable and accurate on its duty. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun has some amazing feature that most expensive paintball guns do not offer.

This is the reason behind, people love this marvelous design paintball gun, and they are happy after using the gun. Because You will notice many positive comments on product review section.

This product has free shipping and warranty feature available that ensure long lasting support from the manufacturer. As this is semi-automatic marker gun, this can cover up to 30 to 40 yards. An easy hand written user manual helps you learning operating technique without facing any issue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Affordable Price Paintball Gun With Two Different Color Variation
  • Durable Material Made High Compact Body
  • Internal Gas Line and Vertical Grip Made This More Comfortable
  • This is a Semi-Automatic Gun
  • Perfect for 30 to 40 yards shooting
  • Ideal for Both Beginners And Intermediate Learners

#3. Spyder Victor Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Package Set Review

Spyder Victor guns always come as a package, and this include all necessary equipment for making your paintball game memorable. In this spyder victor review, I will list all amazing feature and functionality of spyder victor paintball marker gun to assist you identifying best paintball marker for you.

Anti-fog lens and visor, face mask and 0.68 caliber working capacity are some premium feature that attracts people. Two different size variation helps to pick perfect size gun easily. For being a lightweight gun, it's much easier to carry for a long time. Moreover, this paintball gun is covered with warranty support and free shipping as well.

External gas chamber adds extra advantage allows you are filling CO2 in the gas chamber more conveniently. This gun can hit up to 40 yards that are a standard distance for a paintball game. Spyder Victor package includes a face mask, a gas chamber, and paintball storage chamber. Most importantly, this gun is very much affordable and perfect for beginners.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-Fog Resistant Lens
  • Lightweight Gun - Easy To carry
  • All Necessary Accessories Added With The Package Including A Full Face Helmet
  • Gas Chamber and Extra Paintball Chamber
  • Warranty Support and Free Shipping

#4. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Review

If you are searching a heavy duty, strong and powerful paintball gun with all premium feature, you must review the features of Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun. This has 20 oz CO2 tanker with pin valve that helps you producing strong air pressure on your gun and helps you creating a strong impact on your enemy.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun is also known for its durable and inline bolt system that covered with the high-impact composite body. To ensure strong grip, the manufacturer used rubber grip and vertical hold. This ensures strong holding and helps you shooting in long distance.

Comparing with same feature paintball guns, you will find this very lightweight - only 10 pounds. All premium and unique features helped this gun, being a best-selling item among the popular paintball guns. This can cover up to 40 yards, and ball capacity is 68 caliber.

Easily understandable hand-written user manual helps you learning operating technique easily and effectively.All above-mentioned features and functionality will force you picking this marvelous paintball gun for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Package Paintball Marker - All Necessary Accessories Included With The Package
  • 21" Orange Jerk Squeegee and Anti-Fog Lens Used
  • Perfect for shooting up to 50 yards
  • Heavy Duty Paintball Gun
  • Well-Written User Manual
  • Covered With Warranty Support

Guide To Buy A Best Paintball Gun

Before you jump into paintball gun selection battle, you should prepare yourself properly. Knowing the basics of paintball gun features and accessories will help you identifying best gun effortlessly.

Most of the new buyer don't understand what feature they should search for their gun. Thus I decided to write a shortlist with little elaboration to assist your understanding paintball gun buying process easier.

Steps You Should Follow To Identify Best Paintball Gun Under 200

Understand Your Need: Based on your necessity, you have to identify best paintball gun for you. Paintball gun for beginners and professionals are not same. Most of the beginners start with "Pump Paintball Guns" as they are newbie friendly and easily maintainable. The mechanism used in pump paintball gun is super easy, and you have to pump manually to throw a ball.

When you are professional in paintball gaming, then you have a bit more expectation with your gun. Thus most of the professionals pick automatic or electric paintball guns. This type of guns is full of feature and efficient at their work. So you have to understand your basic requirement, what type of gun is more suitable for you.

Create a Shortlist: Before you finalize the best paintball gun, you should create a shortlist of favorite guns. This will help you comparing the features and advantages together. You should include the short name, model number, features and advantages. Later you can compare all these things together.

What I suggest, you should create some category that will help you making quick decisions as well. If you are searching best paintball gun for the money, then you can categorize them based on price as well.

You can list best paintball gun under 100$, best paintball gun under 150$, best paintball gun under 200$ and so on. This will help you identifying the best marker for under $200.

Accessories of Paintball Gun: You must consider best accessories along with your gun. To identify best functional paintball gun, you have to care about accessories included with the package. The quality of paintball gun depends on accessory quality.

Few manufacturer offers extra barrel, paintball holding chamber and a box of the ball as well. You should identify this type of product to make your gun selection process worthy.

Finalize Your Decision: This is an important step that will make you ultimate winner or looser as well. Best paintball gun for beginners is not same with professionals. When selecting best paintball pistols for beginners, you should consider simple mechanism gun for you.

To buy a gun for professionals with high functionality, you should pick most expensive paintball gun like "spyder victor paintball marker gun".

Following above steps, you can easily identify perfect paintball gun for you. However, you should use your best intelligence to make your gun selection process successful.

Paintball Gun Safety and Maintenance Tips

There are two types of safety precautions you have to maintain. First one is ensuring best safety for your body and face. Another is the maintaining the gun. Gun maintenance starts when the game is over, and you should remove all the accessories properly to clean your gun.

Removing and cleaning the paintball gun accessories always ensure long-lasting performance from your gun. This also helps you getting the best performance from your pistol.

Cleaning with right cleaning material is equally important, and most of the people don't care about it. Thus they damage accessories or get down performance from their paintball marker. Experts always suggest not to use oil that is not made for a paintball marker.

After removing mud and dirt, you should make your gun dry as soon as possible. Don't keep it wet for a long time, because this can cause rust on your paintball gun. Before you store your gun, you should remove barrel, gas chamber and ball store chamber properly.

Another safety precaution you have to take is loading the paintballs in ball chamber. People damage barrel or gas chamber when they are unconscious on loading paintballs. Thus you have to be more careful in loading balls in ball chamber.

Final Words: The price of paintball gun always impact on your gun selection process. Thus I listed some paintball marker with different price variation. Nothing to worry! Because you will find, all of our listed paintball gun under 200$.

If you have read the post carefully, you already know, I added all easily functional guns for beginners and multi-functional guns for professionals to make your gun selection process successful. I believe this will help you taking a quick decision to buy perfect paintball gun for you.

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