How To Clean Paintball Gun

All About How To Clean Paintball Gun- Vital Things To Note

Many a times, we have heard people asking us 'Why should I clean my paintball gun?", " My paintball gun doesn't shoot", "it leaks, what should I do", and so on. There is only one answer for all these, 'you should take enough care to maintain your paintball gun'.

A proper maintenance of the paintball gun results in its long life and performance. Remember, dirty paintball guns tend to jam and when it comes to accuracy, they stand nowhere. Gratefully, cleaning paintball guns is quite easy and we are going to explain it to you in simple steps.

Things How To Clean Paintball Gun:

Most of the things mentioned here can be easily procured, and some can even be found in your home. If you ask whether they are expensive, then you are in for a surprise, as they are not!

The schematic ( this is normally found along with your gun. In some cases, you can get buy it from the manufacturer). Toothbrush ( a new or a used one). Paper napkins.

Allen keys that suits this device. Squeegees. Luke warm or warm water. A lubricant. This can be of your choice or you can check with the manufacturer for the best option.

Why cleaning a paintball gun is important?

Before knowing how to clean paintball gun, you should first understand why cleaning it is important. .

Many people buy paintball guns, just to have fun with Actually, they are quite wonderful to use and many people find them a good source to relieve their stress. When a paintball guns does not function properly, then there is nothing more irritating than that. .

If you do not take enough measures to clean the paintball gun at regular intervals, then it certainly becomes problematic. .

It is always better to maintain it properly, rather than buying new parts or sometimes a new gun too! .

Remember, a paintball gun is a huge investment and you should make sure you get the most out of it Hence, cleaning it is something vital. .

Nothing is as bad as having a paintball gun that doesn't work on your woods-ball game. Imagine being out in the field, just to find out that the paintball gun doesn't work or is leaking!

Cleaning A Paintball Gun- Step By Step Process:

When it comes to cleaning a paintball gun, we have seen people oversee few vital things. For instance, it is always important to have a look at the user manual before you start with the process of cleaning.

After all, you may find some important things that are crucial for the maintenance of the machine. Also, it is a good practice to clean the gun after every use Not many do this often and hence they find it really tough to clean the gun after quite a long time. It is also good to oil it frequently.

Cleaning A Paintball Gun- Step By Step Process

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However, you should also remember not to do it excessively. You should also make sure you keep away the gun in a safe place to prevent damages. If you ensure you follow these things then the paintball gun will be perfect. However, here is a detailed description about cleaning your paintball gun in the right way.

De-gas your gun: This is mainly done to prevent any misfiring. Make sure there is no gas in your gun before you start with the other steps. You can just take out the fuel canister and find out the ASA lever. Some guns do not have this and in such a case, you should check with your user manual.

Take the parts apart and inspect them: You should carefully disassemble your gun. Begin with the hopper, and start with this process carefully. Make sure you remove all the bolts and nuts properly. Gently remove the grip frame, hammer, bolt and barrel. Keep them separately along with the respective bolts and nuts. This will make the process of assembling faster.

Clean the body: It is always good to check the manual to see if you can use the squeegees on the gun. Some manufacturers do not suggest using this. Once you have applied the squeegee follow it up with a toothbrush. It is good if the toothbrush is wet. Gently use it to clean the parts. Wipe off using the paper napkins or towels.

Clean the barrel: Use the squeegee to clean the barrel. It is good to check for any paint residue in the barrel. Clean it off with the squeegee and wipe using the paper towel. Always make sure the barrel is totally dry.

Clean the bolt and hammer: Using the paper towel clean both the bolt and hammer. Dry them properly. Check for any wear. It is sometimes acceptable if there is any minor wear. However, if there is a heavy damage then it indicates you need to replace the parts at the earliest.

Clean the grip frame: The grip frame sometimes has debris and dirt collected. Use a tooth-brush to remove the debris and dirt. It is not good to remove the trigger panel as this may turn out very complicated when reassembling the gun. Sometimes, there is a risk of malfunctioning if you do not assemble it properly. Dry the grip frame thoroughly once you have cleaned it up.

Inspect the gun: Begin the inspection by checking every part of the gun. Check for any wear and tear on the 0-rings. Replace any of the part that are damaged. Check all the springs to ensure they are in good shape. Next, check the screws and if you feel they should be replaced then proceed accordingly.

Lubricating the parts: Now that you have cleaned and dried all the parts of your paintball gun, you should lubricate them properly. Make sure you use a good lubricant for this process. Always check with your manufacturer about the brand, as using some lubricants may turn out fatal for the gun.

Reassembling the gun: Once you have cleaned and lubricated all the parts of the gun, you should start with reassembling it. It is always a good practice to use the schematic to follow a perfect installation procedure. If the installation is done in a good manner, then rest assured your gun will be well maintained.

Final verdict: Now that you have known everything about how to clean paintball gun, we are sure you will be capable of doing the process all by yourself. Always remember, if you keep your gun well maintained then it will be a great value for the money invested on that machine.

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