How To Improve Traction On Basketball Shoes

How To Improve Traction On Basketball Shoes

In the basketball game, traction is a very important factor for the player. Traction enables a player to make quick movements on the court without the risk of sliding due to insufficient traction. Different manufacturers are trying their best to engineer different traction patterns in basketball shoes.

The traction of basketball shoes is important because traction helps a player to maintain balance while shooting the ball, making cuts and trying to keep pace with defense. For quick moves or changes of directions, solid traction on the court ensures players speed and keep them safe from injury.

Traction on the court depends on the dissension between the sole of the shoe and the floor. Hence, improvement of traction on basketball shoes is the key to improving your basketball experience.

The dusty floor is one of the main cause of poor traction. Therefore, increasing the traction of basketball shoes involves-

• Removing stacked up dust from court

• Making the shoe soles clingy

Surely, you’ll get a good level of traction from your brand new shoes. But over time or due to inappropriate care, your shoes lose their traction. Then, you need to know how to stop that happening.

To learn how to improve the traction of your basketball shoes, follow the instructions below.

Traction Enhancing Products

· Rosin powder or saliva (applied directly to the bottom of shoes)

· Traction mat (that is stepped on before heading onto the court)

· A solution (that is rubbed on using a cloth)

These products add some traction to the bottom of the player’s shoes. Remember that these aren’t permanent solution. When the viscous solution smashes away or is covered in dust, you’ll need to reapply.

Apply Rosin Powder

Rosin powder is one of the traction enhancing products that may help you to increase the traction of your basketball shoes.

Shudder a little amount of rosin powder into your palm from a bottle or pinch a little amount from an open container, whatever is available.

Apply the rosin powder at the bottom of the basketball shoe and rub it to form a thin layer over the entire sole.

Repeat the process on the other shoe.

Rub your hands together. The remaining rosin powder will cover your palms and will improve grip.

You’ll need to repeat the process throughout the play at halftime or breaks.

Apply Saliva

This process enhances the traction a little amount. Still, it has a common use because this method is easy to apply in the middle of the game

· Take a big amount of saliva and wet your fingers with it.

· Swiftly brush your finger over the soles to wet it.

Step On Traction Matt

Traction mat is available in the market which is designed for increasing the traction of basketball shoes. Keep a traction mat on the sidelines of the court.

Put on a fresh set of sticky mat sheet to the base.

Step onto the mat, keep both feet flat so that the whole soles of your shoes come into touch with the sticky part of the mat. The mat’s adhesive surface grip all the dirt and oil from the shoes when you step off the shoes.

Step back onto the mat whenever you need during play. It will help you to clear away the dust and improve traction.

When the upper sheet becomes dirty and becomes unable to enhance traction, remove the top mat sheet to let out the fresh second one on the base.

Recycle or discard the used mat sheet.

Apply Traction Fluid

You’ll need a towel and traction fluid. The sticky compound is designed for improving traction of your basketball shoes.

Moisten the towel in the sticky liquid.

Rub the bottom of the shoes with the towel to clear away the dirt from the soles, makes the bottom sticky immediately after application and enhance the traction.

Repeat the process when needed to clear away the dirt from the soles.

Use another fresh towel when the towel becomes dirty to remove dirt from the shoes.

DIY Methods

If you don’t like to use traction enhancement product, but need to enhance the traction of your shoes, a few DIY methods can help you to get the job done.

You can use a low-grit sandpaper of 40 to 60 grit. Rub the bottom of your shoes with sandpaper. It will help you to add traction to your shoes.

There is another way that you may follow to increase the traction of your shoes. By using a knife lightly score the bottoms of the shoes. Be careful not to cut the bottom too deeply. Otherwise, it will damage your shoes puncturing the shoe completely.

Swapping Shoes

If you’re a serious player, you should have two sets of shoes. One pair for practice and the other pairs for competition.

You know what the importance is of saving integrity, grip, and support of shoes for games when you really need them.

By keeping your competition shoes for the game only, you may ensure its traction when you need it. On the other hand, your practice shoes may be damaged and lose traction due to usages.

Improve Traction By Cleaning

In some cases, your shoes just need a good clean to improve traction. For an indoor court, it is usual that dirt and dust build up and reduces the grip of the shoes.

What you can do is make sure your basketball shoes are in good condition and by cleaning your shoes you can actually enhance the traction.

Clean all the dust, debris and dirt off the bottom of the shoes with a damp cloth. Do it before practice or every game and during break and halftime.

Clean the soles of your shoes with soapy water and a towel after every use.


These are the very simple ways to enhance the traction of your basketball shoes. Obviously, these guidelines will help you not to go slipping around on the court.

Whether your basketball shoes are old or new, if you follow the above-mentioned instructions, you will never have your game spoil due to traction issues of your shoes.

Have a wonderful and enjoyable game improving the basketball shoe traction!

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