How To Load A Co2 Airsoft Pistol

How To Load A Co2 Airsoft Pistol

So, you have a Co2 Airsoft Pistol? Definitely, you’ve got the best one. But are you wondering how to load a Co2 Airsoft pistol?

Whether you’re a sober Airsoft player or just like a fun way to cheer an afternoon with your friends, an Airsoft pistol will give you a little backup.

And if you possess a Co2 Airsoft pistol whether it be blowback or non blowback, you’ll surely enjoy a lot with its faster rates shooting and better ranges.

By luck, if you be the first time user of Co2 Airsoft pistol, there is something to learn before using it.

Don’t be worried. In our article, we’re going to show you how to load a Co2 Airsoft pistol.

Just read our instructive article and learn how you can properly load your pistol.

Let’s Go!

Before explaining how to load a Co2 Airsoft pistol, let’s first try to know about the working mechanism of Airsoft pistol.

Mechanism of an Airsoft Pistol

The inside of any Airsoft pistol is almost the same, no matter what kind you have-gas pistol or Co2. The pistol features a spring which is the leading source of power. It determines how swift the BB comes out of the pistol.

Other parts are:

  • Piston
  • Pistol head
  • A cylinder
  • Cylinder head
  • An air nozzle (also called iii plates)
  • Motor
  • A set of three gears.

The motor determines your switch mechanism. Actually, the motor makes the pistol work. You can promote and change it to make it do better for whatever plot that you’re going to use it in. You don’t need to look what occurs inside the gear box. You can change the feet per second of the pistol by upgrading the spring.

In order to use an Airsoft pistol, you should load BBs in the magazine. You also need to place the magazine in the pistol. And then switch to the pistol by changing the selector.

No matter what type of pistol you have- semi or fully automatic- you need to pull the trigger. In turn, the pellets are going to feed through the magazine. Then the pellets are ready to shoot out the barrel of the pistol. And what the most important is to be sure that it’s pointed in a secure place with no people or animals.

How To Load A Co2 Airsoft Pistol-The Basics

In this article, we’ll show how you can properly load a Co2 Airsoft pistol.


Here we’ll explain the steps of ammunition loading for firing in semi- automatic mode.

Check The Barrel: If you’re loading the ammunition or firing for the first time, check the barrel to be sure that there is no obstruction. You can do it by passing a cleaning rod through the barrel.

Eject The Magazine:
  • Engage the safety catch
  • Drive the bolt toward the front
  • Open the top cover
  • Close the finger guard

Remove The Magazine: Take out the rotary magazine.

Load The Magazine: To do this, place the specific number of flat headed pellets in the holes of the magazine. Keep the pellet head in front until the pellet skirts are leveled with the edge of the magazine. Make sure that no pellet is in overhang position.

Reinsert The Magazine: Place the loaded magazine into the magazine chamber. The magazine must go to the bottom of its slot. If the magazine locks into place, you’ll hear a “click” sound.

If it doesn’t happen, your pistol may get jammed. Recheck the barrel. Apply the locating sear with one of the cogs on the outer of the magazine.

Shut Off The Top Cover: Finally, secure the top cover and make sure that the cover is held in place.

  • If you’re in an Airsoft fight, use a speed loader.
  • Try to use 5.98 or 6mm for an Airsoft pistol.
  • 0.12 gram BBs for a spring based pistol and 0.2 grams BBs are recommended for a gas pistol.
  • When you need to store the pistol, turn on the safety.
  • If the pistol becomes jammed, don’t try to fix it by yourself. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it may become difficult to put the pistol back. It’s recommended to get it fix where you purchased.
  • Remove the pellet from the magazine when the pistol isn’t in use.
  • Open the top cover only when all the ammunitions have been fired from the magazine. It’s risky and may cause a life-threatening injury.
  • If you need to store your pistol, set the barrel on the ground and check that the magazine is empty and there are no pellets in the barrel. These precautions will help you to avoid any possible accidents when using the pistol again.

Co2 Bottle Loading

Follow the steps:
  • Unload the pistol.
  • Apply the safety catch.
  • In the base of the grip, unscrew the bottle holding screw. Do it carefully.
  • To remove the empty Co2 bottle, place the thumb in the sunken in the base of the grip. In this way, you can open hand grip cover on the left side.
  • The bottle will be detached and come out.
  • Make sure that you’ve applied the safety catch.
  • At the open and empty grip, push the bottle with the neck uppermost.
  • Insert the upper studs and then replace the grip cover.
  • Turn the bottle retaining screw clockwise and tighten it.
  • When the end of the Co2 bottle pierced the pistol, the pistol is loaded and ready to use.


  • You should unload the pistol before loading or removing Co2 bottle. It’ll help you to avoid an accident.
  • Be careful to handle Co2 bottle and wear protection to avoid injury to the eyes.
  • Never unload a Co2 bottle until it’s fully empty. Otherwise, it may cause a life-threatening bypassing of residual gas.


You’ve almost finished our article on how to load a Co2 Airsoft pistol and definitely, you’re now knowledgeable to load your pistol.

Getting yourself to load a Co2 Airsoft pistol is no more a problem.

If you’re still confused how to load a Co2 Airsoft pistol, go through our article again.

Load your Airsoft pistol now and enjoy a lot with shooting faster rates and accuracy.


Properly loading is an essential part of preparing to shoot a pistol.

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