How To Make A Homemade Paintball Gun

How To Make A Homemade Paintball Gun

A paintball gun can be used in competition. Players are divided into teams and shoot paintballs at each other. This gun has a gas cartridge that is connected to the chamber so that it can shoot paintballs out with force.

Now a person can learn how to make a paintball gun at home. This gun can be used for target practice and you can buy best on budget to have fun shooting paintballs to check for accuracy.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

To make a homemade paintball gun a person is going to need the following materials:

  • A tire replacement valve
  • A one inch PVC end cap
  • One % inch PVC ball Valve
  • One' inch PVC reducer
  • Two 1 inch pieces of PVC tee
  • Two 90 degree PVC elbow pieces
  • A six foot PVC piece.

Be sure that all PVC material has been pressure treated. If not it may be dangerous to use and rupture when the paintball gun is fired.

Step 2: Begin the Construction

The first step is to cut the PVC into two pieces that are both one foot long. They need to be the same length so they will be easy to connect. If any of the PVC pieces have threads on them they should be covered with plumbers tape at this time. This will make assembly easier.

Step 3: Begin Connection

To begin assembly put primer on both of the pieces that were just cut. When using this primer be sure to use more than is needed. Extra can always be wiped way. Using the primer attach the elbows to each of the one foot pieces. Hold each elbow in place for 10 seconds to be sure that is stays put. These pieces should be facing the same direction.

Step 4: Connect the Tees

After the elbows have dried and are securely in place it is time to connect the tees to the forming paintball gun. One of the tees should be attached so that it looks like the letter T when it is resting on its side.

The tee should be attached to each of the PVC pieces that have been cut from the previous step . Once they have been attached with the primer and the tee allow the tee pieces to dry. Once they have dried use the primer to attach the reduce to one end of this piece. It should be the end that is pointing on the side.

Step 5: Attaching the Two Pieces

In order to connect the two pieces of PVC that have the other parts attached to them there are more cuts that are going to have to be made.

Be sure to cut two pieces of PVC that are two inches long. They should be identical in size. Once these pieces have been cut use the primer and attach them to the elbows. Some of the PVC should be sticking out and the pieces should not be pushed all the way in. allow this to dry.

Once the pieces have dried in place use the tees so that the two one foot pieces of PVC can be connected to each other. They should have an opening in the middle of them that looks similar to a rectangle.

Step 6: Adds Values and the Barrel

This is what will allow the paintballs to be shot out of the gun. Be very careful when doing this step. Using the threaded nipple screw it tightly into the reducer.

Once this is secure screw in the ball valve. This valve should be attached right to the nipple. The barrel will be able to be connected to the valve. At this point the project should start to resemble a paintball gun.

Step 7: Additional Parts

This step will require the maker to be very careful. Using a power drill, drill a hole into the end of the cap. This should be around the size of the tire valve.

Attach the tire valve to the cap once it has been drilled. It should be sealed in place using super glue. While this piece is drying in place go back to the PVC. Cut the remaining PVC into a piece that is' of a foot in length.

The other pieces are dried in place using the primer attach this newly cut piece to the tees. Once the cement cap has dried fully attach it to this piece using the primer. At this point you should have something that looks like a paintball gun.

Step 8: Test Fire

Be alert when testing out this paintball gun. If you did not attach a piece correctly then you may need to go back and make some corrections. Allow the homemade paintball gun to dry completely for at least 24 hours before testing it out.

When it is ready to be test fired do not put the gun up all the way. At this point is should not reach 100 PSI. To start out the gun should be tested at around 30PSI. When the gun is being pumped up in preparation to be fired be sure that the ball valve is closed.

If there are any air leaks the construction process will need to be restated. Do not try to patch up any leaks. The paintball gun will not fire properly. Never test the gun at living things including animals or friends. When in doubt treat the paintball gun as it if was loaded.

Step 9 : Have Fun

Once the paintball gun has been tested and has been shown to work enjoy the homemade paintball gun. This paintball gun can be loaded with the paintballs.

These paintballs come in many different colors. This paintball gun can be use for target practices and a number of other fun activities. It can be made at a fraction of the price or purchasing a real paintball gun.

Final words:

A homemade paintball gun can save a person a lot of money. This gun can be made at a fraction of the price of paintball guns that are sold in the store. If a person is paint and they follow these steps they can have a great paintball gun.

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