How To Make Your Basketball Shoes Sticky

How To Make Your Basketball Shoes Sticky

Are you a basketball player?

If the answer is “YES”, you know how important it is to keep your basketball shoes sticky on the court.

Undoubtedly, slippery basketball shoes are inconvenienced and lead to injury on the court. During playing you need to change direction fast and make quick turns to beat the defense. In these cases, sticky basketball shoes play a very important role to enhance your performance on the court.

But, are you confused on how to make your basketball shoes sticky?

To remove all of your confusions, we’re here to help you on this issue.

Read our article and learn the right procedure of making your basketball shoes sticky.

Methods Of Making Your Basketball Shoes Sticky:

If you feel your shoes slippery, follow the methods below to make your basketball shoes sticky:

  • Clean your shoes
  • Use a special mat
  • B-Sharp Traction Action for your shoes
  • Use special lotion

Method 1: Clean Your Shoes

Your shoes may get slippery due to the dust of the court. The dust is dragged by the fans and players. Dust and dirt on the basketball court build up underneath your shoes and it reduces the traction and grip of the shoes making them slippery. Slippery shoes diminish player effectiveness while playing. Cleaning your shoes will be helpful to improve the stickiness.

Simply follow the cleaning procedure in order to remove the dirt from the bottom of your shoes.

Step 1: Pull Out Rocks

You’ll need toothpicks or any strong pointy instrument like a mini screwdriver or scissors.

If you play outdoor court, it’s usual to have a couple of small stones or rocks or cluster of mud or anything like these debris in the grooves of your soles. Remove these with a toothpick or mini scissors or screwdriver.

Step 2: Make A Soapy Mixture

At this stage, you’ll need wash basin, warm water, tooth brush and eco-friendly laundry detergent.

Take warm water in a wash basin. Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with the water. Apply the soapy mixture on the soles with the toothbrush. Using the toothbrush, scrub the soles thoroughly. Also, scrub within the grooves to clean.

Step 3: Remove The Detergent

Soak a clean washing cloth in the fresh water. Rub the same area of the shoes to remove the detergent completely.

Step 4: Absorb The Water From The Shoes

Place the shoes on a paper towel or clean towel. It will help to absorb the water from the shoes and dry them quickly.

Step 5: Dry The Shoes

Read the instruction, if machine dry is not allowed, dry the shoes naturally. Keep the shoes in the shade with a good ventilation.

Things You Should Know

  • Clean your shoes before and after every game
  • Avoid using your basketball shoes outside of the court
  • Clean your shoes with a damp cloth and soapy water after every use, regardless of how clean you sweep the basketball court.
  • Read the care label instruction before washing your shoes. If machine wash and dryer are not recommended, avoid this.
  • Machine wash and dryer may discolor, damage and change the shape of the shoes.
  • Don’t scrub your shoes harshly.
  • Don’t use bleach or chemicals. These can crack the soles of your shoes.
  • Don’t leave the soap mixture on your shoes. Soapy Soles can be risked on the court making the soles slippery.

Method 2: Use A Special Mat

Using a special mat is a great way to obtain stickiness of your basketball shoes. This is easy to manage and effective.

The mat features a ribbed rubber back base and several layers of sticky polyethylene sheets that you can change when needed.

The top sticky sheet pulls the dust and dirt, preventing it from compiling on the soles.

Stepping on the mat before and during each game provides your shoe sole a sticky surface.

Let’s learn what to do....

Step 1: Sticky mats are available in the sporting goods store. Buy from these stores. You can also find them online. When buying choose the one that has a number of sheets you find suitable for your game.

Step 2: When you go to the court, place it beside the sideline of the basketball court.

Step 3: After having it set, step repeatedly on the mat until you get adequate levels of stickiness on your shoes.

Step 4: During play, every time you notice as your shoes are losing stickiness, step on the mat again.

Step 5: When your game over, you may find the sticky mat dirty and not sticky enough. If so, pull off the top sheet. The next sheet will be ready to use.

Method 3: B-Sharp Traction Action for your shoes

To add extra stickiness to your basketball shoes B-Sharp Traction Action is a very simple method. Take a wet towel. Place it on the floor. What you’ve to do is just step on this wet towel. You’ll feel more stickiness on your shoes. But the disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t last for a long time.

Method 4: Apply Liquid Stick Application

You can also try some special lotion to improve the stickiness of your soles. These lotions are made to be used on the soles of the shoes to provide them more stickiness. Pour the lotion on a towel and step upon the towels before getting on the court.

These lotions may vary in quality. So, before making a purchase talk to an employee or reading customer reviews.


So, you’ve finished reading our article regarding how to make your basketball shoes sticky.

Hopefully, all of our methods and suggestions will help you a lot to improve the stickiness of your shoes.

These are the very simple ways to follow. Have a try to follow these. Obviously, it’ll enhance your performance and keep you safe slipping around the court and injuring yourself. Moreover, you’ll get the ultimate comfort, stickiness, and support of fast direction change and quick turn during play.

Improve your basketball shoes stickiness by following the guidelines provided above!

Have a very wonderful and enjoyable basketball competition!

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