How To Put Grip On Basketball Shoes

How To Put Grip On Basketball Shoes

Can you imagine, how important of having a better grip on your basketball shoes on the court?

Incredibly important!

You’re a good player, but it’s impossible to play an excellent game if you don’t have a better level of grip on your basketball shoes.

But why?

Because, when you’ll need to perform quick turns and direction changes on the court during a game, slippery shoes-

  • Affect on your gaming techniques and performances
  • Cause injuries like ACL tear and ankle strain

The inappropriate care is mainly liable to cause less grip of your shoes.

So, improving and knowing how to put grip on basketball shoes is very important.

There are various tips and techniques to improve the grip of your basketball shoes.

Let’s go to learn the most effective ones.

Improve Grip Of Your Basketball Shoes By Cleaning

Has your basketball shoe worn down?

Grip has gone and you’re planning to throw them in the bin.


Before doing so, consider whether your shoes just need an appropriate clean to enhance the grip.

You know, in indoor court dust and dirt building up is common which reduces the grip of your shoes. But you can’t do much to clean the court. What you can do is all about to clean your shoes to improve the grip.

Things You’ll Need

  • Warm Water
  • A Mini Screwdriver Or Scissors
  • Wash Basin Or Container
  • Toothbrush/Nailbrush
  • Clean Towel
  • Dish Soap (Just Normal Washing-Up Liquid Will Do)

Step By Step Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Pull Out The Debris

You’ll need a strong pointy instrument like scissors or mini screwdriver.

Small stone, the cluster of mud or anything like this may be found in the gaps in the shoe sole. Pull out this debris by using a pointy instrument.

Step 2: Brush With Warm Soapy Water

You’ll need warm water, soap, tooth brush or nail brush.

Take warm water in a container or wash basin. Make the water soapy with normal dish soap. Wash the sole of your shoes with this soapy water. Don’t deep the whole shoe in the water. Keep the upper part of the shoe dry as possible.

Thoroughly scrub the sole using a toothbrush or nail brush. Do the same around the sides of the sole.

Rinse the brush when needed.

Scrub the sole in circular movements. It’ll cover all the angles.

Step 3: Dry The Shoes With Towel

You’ll need a clean towel or absorbent rag.

Absorb the water of the shoes with a clean towel or absorbent rag. Do it shortly after washing.

Step 4: Store The Shoes In A Clean Bag

When you don’t need to use the shoes, store them in a proper way.

Take a clean bag and place the shoes into it. Use silica packs in the bag with the shoes.

Improve Grip By Grip Enhancers

You may use grip lotions or sticky mats as grip enhancers of your basketball shoes.

You can use these to add stickiness to the bottom of the shoes. Remember, these will increase a little amount of grip to your shoes.

Sticky Mat- To improve grip, you may use a sticky- mat that will put out the dirt from the sole.

Keep a sticky mat beside the sideline of the court. Simply step on the mat before entering the court. You may repeatedly do this during half time.

Moist towel and Grip Lotion– A clean and moist towel is also helpful to improve the grip of your shoes. Keep the towel by side of the court. Rub the bottom of the shoes when needed. It’s more hygienic than spitting or licking.

Pour the grip lotion on a towel. Step on the towel.

Hairspray- You may also try hair spray. Spray it on the bottom of the shoes to help the sole stick better.

Hairspray is viscous and has an effect on your shoes to improve grip. It provides a very temporary rise in the grip.

Be careful that although the enhancers improve the grip of the shoes, it causes a tendency to pick up dirt more easily from the court floor.

Improve Grip By Moisturizing The Sole

When you feel slippery, moisten the bottom of your shoes by licking your hand and run your hand through sweat and rub it on the bottom of the shoes.

You may also use a damp cloth. Wipe the cloth on the bottom of the shoes. It also has the same effect.

Replace The Old Pairs

Buy a new pair if your old shoes start to become worn. Although, basketball shoes feature to have plenty of grips, over the time and use it starts to reduce and wear down.

Things To Know

There is no doubt that cleaning is the most effective way to enhance the grip of basketball shoes, there are many other things you need to learn that will help you to improve the grip levels of your shoes even further:

How To Put Grip On Basketball Shoes

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Avoid Wearing Your Basketball Shoe Outsides

The lacking in grip may occur due to dust and dirt imported on the court. If you wear your basketball shoes outside, these will be another source of importing extra dirt to the court. So, if you’re really serious enough to enhance the grip of your shoes, never put your basketball shoes out of the court.

Clean The Shoes After Each Game

Although you only wear your basketball shoes on the court, there is a big possibility to pick dirt and dust even from the court. So, try to clean your shoes on a regular basis. It’ll help you to get the shoes back like new.


As a basketball player, you know the significance and role of having a good grip on the court. Without a better level of grip, you won’t be able to maintain the balance while playing basketball. Grip enhancement products and techniques give you a better grip on the court.

Hopefully, you’ve learned good and effective instructions to improve the grip of your basketball shoes from our article regarding how to put grip on basketball shoes.

Try to follow these steps and improve the grip of your shoes.

Give an easily restore grip on your basketball shoes and have a comfortable and successful basketball playing!

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