Mechanical vs. Fixed Broadhead

Mechanical vs. Fixed Broadhead

Are you researching the market to buy a new Broadhead?

Certainly, you’re now confused which one is better Broadhead for you- Mechanical or Fixed?

If so, you’ll definitely be interested in our discussion on Mechanical vs. Fixed Broadhead.

This is an unending dispute that which Broadhead is better.

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With the advancement of technology, each day the manufacturers are offering their hunting gears with various features. So, it’s really an overwhelming task to decide the suitable one from mechanical and fixed Broadheads.

There’re arguments in favor of both. But if you’re confused which will meet your needs better, go through our discussion below.

Is Mechanical Broadhead Best For You?

To find the solution, read all about mechanical Broadhead below:

The blade of mechanical Broadheads remains hidden when fly, but at the contact with the target, it gets open. You can choose from the front- opening, and rear- opening blades.

  • If stability is a big consideration to you, you should switch from fixed to mechanical Broadheads. Stability is a great advantage of using mechanical Broadheads. These types of Broadheads fly just like field points.

  • To make tracking easier, larger cutting diameter of Broadhead blade affects a lot. Mechanical Broadheads usually come with larger cutting diameter. Hence, it creates a massive entrance and a wound to the target and yield noticeable blood trails.

  • Mechanical Broadheads offer more accuracy. When fly, this type of Broadhead be less affected by the wind as the blade are designed to remain hidden during flight.

Is Fixed Broadhead Best For You?

To find the solution, read all about fixed Broadhead below:

Fixed blade Broadheads come with permanently fixed blades.

  • If you want strength, fixed blade Broadheads may be the best choice for you. The traditional single-piece welded and fixed in position designs make these type of Broadheads stronger.

  • Don’t be worried about whether the blades will deploy upon hitting the target. The fixed and open blades offer you more reliability.
  • For fixed blade Broadhead, you have the option of sharpening the blades and you can do it easily. Hence, these types of Broadheads able to kill your target more effectively.

Which One Is Better?

  • If you think about the price, mechanical Broadheads are more expensive than fixed Broadheads. Hence, fixed Broadheads are more economically priced.

  • Instead of sharpening the blade, you have to replace the blades of mechanical Broadheads. This adds cost as well as time to maintain.

  • If you compare the strength, mechanical Broadhead is weaker than fixed Broadheads.

  • If you compare the success rate of your shot, mechanical Broadheads have an increased potential to fail. There is a possibility of premature deployment of the blade in case of mechanical blades. You won’t face such type of uncertainty with the fixed blade.
  • While the mechanical Broadheads offer you larger cutting diameter, the fixed Broadheads are limited to narrow diameter. Moreover, the fixed blades are affected by the wind during fly.


In terms of accuracy, effectiveness, and reliability, find the best broadheads to meet your hunting need.

If you want reliability and consistent penetration, you can try fixed blade Broadhead.

On the other hand, if you want more accuracy at longer ranges with no special tuning, mechanical Broadheads can provide you surprising results.

And our suggestion is if you can scrutinize how to remove the human error from shooting, definitely you can do better with mechanical Broadheads.

Hope after reading our article on mechanical vs. Fixed Broadhead, you’re now confident enough to choose the best one for your hunting.

Thanks & Happy Hunting!

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