Privacy Policy

As a security of our website content, we have included the privacy policy. The privacy policy of our site describes mainly about the usage of our services and information we provide for our authentic visitors.

Why to collect your information?

You are cordially invited to visit our site any time and from anywhere in the world. However, we want you leaving your email address whenever you comment on any blog in our site. Because we are committed to replying any comment or question made by our valued visitors. So, if you put your full contact details in the opt-in form box, then we can easily communicate with you. Moreover, we can inform you about any updates regarding your requirements and interests of visiting our site. But we never collect your personal information to sell it for marketing purposes.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are pieces of documents that a site or the service providers send to your computer’s hard drive through a browser. If you allow, then it enables the service providers’ system to identify your browser and record the particular information. Because we use cookies to help remember our system and process the item you chose in your shopping cart. It also helps us to identify your preferences based on your previous or current visiting activity on our site. Otherwise, we also use cookies to gather cumulative data about site traffic in a view to providing better service experiences in future.

Copyright law

The contents of this site such as videos, articles and product reviews are under copyrighted laws. So, no one can never be interested to copy or re-write or reproduce them without any permission of the site owner. If any one does this without the consent of the site owner, it will be considered as the violation of copyright law. Then the legal action would be taken against him or her. Hence, he or she must be suffered the dire consequence of breaking the copyright law.

IP Address

Whenever you get connected to internet, your computer is identified by the network. So, your IP address is collected automatically by our web server system as a part of collecting the traffic data. Because we can use your IP address to send you the data (such as web page) on your request.

Your information is secured

We never share, sell, lease or exchange any information of you subscribe on visiting on our site. We only collect your personal information to tune you with the latest updates on our site, nothing else.

On changing the privacy policy

The privacy policy is a commitment that tied the users and the site for using and providing the services of relevant perspective. However, the subscribers of our web site must be informed about the changes of the privacy policy if needed. Because we have right to change the privacy policy according to the inevitable situation by the time. So, we must send our subscribers about the changes of privacy policy beforehand. Furthermore, we will not use the personal information given us by our subscribers under the privacy policy we would be going to change.